Canada’s Worst Driver finale Dec 13 on Discovery

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After Five Eliminations, Three Drivers Remain at the Side of the Road Vying for the Dubious Title in the Season Finale of Discovery Channel’s #1 Series, Mon., Dec. 13

  • For the third year in a row, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6 is the #1 series on Specialty Television in key demos*
  • The series is the most-visited page on this season
  • Missed an episode? Before Monday’s shocking finale, catch up on Episodes 1-7 in a CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6 Marathon on Sun., Dec. 12

Only three remain. This week, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6 handed Jamie her keys and said goodbye as she joined the ranks of the season’s other participants who’ve returned to the driver’s seat with improved skills behind the wheel. So who is CANADA’S WORST DRIVER? Find out Monday, December 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT when Lance (Ottawa, ON), Dale (St. Catharines, ON) and Brad (Calgary, AB) compete for the unlucky title. Screeching to a halt with a stunning season finale on Monday night, one of these drivers – the least improved after intensive Driver Rehab – will be named Canada’s Worst Driver.

Who is CANADA’S WORST DRIVER? Lance? Dale? Or Brad?

Find out in the Season Finale, Mon., Dec. 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

In a shocking season that started with the much-talked-about decimation of a mint-condition Camaro and has the most hotly-debated drivers heading to the finale, the 6th year of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER continues its winning streak for Discovery Channel. The first three seasons of the perennial favourite ranked consistently in the Top 5 programs on Discovery Channel, with Season 4 claiming the #1 rank on Discovery Channel for the first time. Then last year, Season 5 accelerated past all channel records to become the #1-ranked Canadian series on specialty television**, with the Finale episode drawing more than one million viewers. Season 6 continues to claim the top spot this year as the #1 series on specialty television for the key demos P2+, A18-49 and A25-54 – in fact, this season has earned the highest A-25-54 audience in the series’ history, increasing 14% over Season 5 same time last year.*

And what makes CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6 a “Monday night must-see” on Canadian television, making Discovery Channel the #1 specialty network in its 10-11 p.m. timeslot, and regularly attracting audiences bigger than some conventional channels (including CBC and City)*?

Compelling – and at times, cringe-inducing – CANADA’S WORST DRIVER features dangerous drivers on the road to rehabilitation. With host and series writer Andrew Younghusband as our guide, eight disastrous drivers – each nominated by a friend, family member or colleague during a national search – were put through their paces in a controlled driving environment and evaluated by a panel of driving experts. Did professional coaching and a little cajoling help to curb their bad behind-the-wheel behaviours?

At Driver Rehab, they undertook a series of driving challenges designed to improve their skills and knowledge. Driving basics – such as parallel parking, three-point turns and knowledge of road signs – plus more advanced or “infamous” challenges, including the Reverse Figure 8 and the annual Water Tank Challenge, were featured this season. And one by one, five drivers – Scott, Paul, Diane, Dean and Jamie – have earned the right to return to the open highway, leaving three of the least-improved participants “vying” for the regrettable title of Canada’s Worst Driver during Monday night’s finale. They are:

  • Lance, from Ottawa, ON, has only been driving since February 2010, after getting busted for driving uninsured and without a licence at age 16. Lance saved, bought a car and is ready to enjoy the freedom of the open road – except that he’s so nervous and suffers near-panic attacks on Ottawa city streets. He also drives a standard car… but really shouldn’t.
  • Dale, from St. Catharines, ON, is clueless about the rules of the road. This charming granny wants to learn and improve, but no one is brave enough to get in the car with her. She’s spent $50,000 on replacing and fixing cars she’s damaged. She even hit a police car while he was writing her a ticket.
  • Brad, from Calgary, AB, has racked up so many accidents and tickets that his wife and father-in-law have banned him from driving. But a change in family circumstances is forcing Brad back on the road – whether we’re ready for him or not.

Didn’t buckle up for the premiere and feel like you’ve missed the ride? With the outrageous finale just days away, it’s not too late to merge into the fast lane and catch up as Discovery Channel presents a CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6 Marathon on Sunday, December 12, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET (12 p.m. to 7 p.m. PT). Over the course of the seven-episode marathon, see how these eight disastrous drivers fared on the road to rehabilitation, from the first key in the ignition to the final slamming of the brakes. Then fasten your seatbelt for Monday’s finale – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Featuring exclusive bonus content, full episodes – and the ever-popular Exhaust Pipe forum where viewers can share there comments about the show – fans of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6 have made the most-visited page on this season (Oct. 22-Dec. 9). The ultimate online destination for fans of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 6, tallied 615,000 video views and 131,000 page views, making the series the #1 video and #1 show page on this fall.

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