TV, eh? makeover

If you visit the TV, eh? website instead of reading through feeds, you’ll notice something a little different around here. The fabulous-to-work-with Gystworks came up with a cleaner, streamlined design. We’re still tweaking some things, like the menu and sidebars, but please let me know what you think and any suggestions for layout improvements.

I also recently switched web hosts from Hostpapa (“we proudly offer 6 kb/s downloads”) to 1&1, so things should be speedier around here, especially podcast downloads.


4 thoughts on “TV, eh? makeover”

  1. Very pretty, streamlined, easy to read. But the colours made me think of the Globe and Mail when I first opened it :(

  2. Default font is too small, as is line-height, but margin between paragraphs is too large. You could break free from the herd and stop setting all your paragraphs with blank lines between them and no indents.

    I really don’t think we need the full list of categories. There are other ways of displaying those.

    The red colour is a tad garish.

    The letterspaced Arial in the dek is tacky, as is the neutral apostrophe.

    Use shorter and meaningful slugs for blog entries, not-just-every-word-in-the-title-separated-by-dashes.

    Next let’s talk about your codebase.

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