5 thoughts on “Stargate Universe cancelled by US broadcaster”

  1. Another sad news for Vancouvert (and Canada) after le lost of Smallville, Caprica, Life UnXpected…

  2. Between Chaos series just starting, Alcatraz shooting its pilotand the upcoming Battlestar prequel there are things to fill the void

  3. Oh, ho. Now, see, this just confuses me even more; since “Stargate Universe” is stated by you, Diane, as 10/10 on the CanCon scale of whatever, doesn’t that mean that some Canadian somewhere had their own vote in ‘to drop the axe or not to drop the axe’ and, as such, is equally accountable for the show’s cancellation?

    Also, what were “SGU”‘s Cdn ratings, anyway? I paid more attention to the U.S.’s lackluster ratings because I thought they were the only ones that mattered for the show’s teetering survival.

  4. (Pox on character limitations.)

    Are “SGU”‘s Cdn rating really that strong that the question of whether sole Cdn producers can carry its entire financial payload or not can even be asked? Are we talking on par with the Grey Cup finals, a rerun of “The Simpsons”, or does “Being Eric” make its #s look sad?

    I’m just never going to let this go, am I? Blasted curiosity needs to hear more cat stories.

  5. I think it’s pretty clear from the post that Syfy – the American broadcaster – decided to cancel it. It’s possible but not probable that Space will decide to continue on. Or another broadcaster could step in. All very unlikely. They’d have to put in whatever money Syfy was putting in, and the ratings were pretty dismal in Canada, too. I put it as a question naively thinking that would stop people from asking ME if Space was cancelling it too. They’ll probably never make an announcement. However The Bridge continued in Canada despite the US broadcaster pulling out and dismal ratings.

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