Junior hockey among stiff competition for January premieres

From Bill Brioux of the Canadian Press:

  • Will junior hockey once again crush other TV shows in the ratings?
    “The tourney has other Canadian broadcasters tinkering with early January schedules. CBC had originally picked Jan. 5 as the start date for the second season of its Newfoundland-based detective series “Republic of Doyle.” That’s now been pushed back a week to Jan. 12. History Television had the second season of its top-rated reality series “Ice Pilots NWT” taking off the same night, along with a new “Ice Road Truckers” series “IRT: Deadliest Roads.” Both swerved out of the way of the hockey championships, with the new premieres set back a week until Jan. 12.” Read more.

One thought on “Junior hockey among stiff competition for January premieres”

  1. Not everybody gets TSN. These days a lot of Canadians can`t watch the Juniors play hockey or any of the Canadians CFL championships in 2010. some can`t afford higher cable bills. It leaves out a whole section of viewers. No free channels anymore.

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