Port Hope family drama in development

From Etan Vlessing of the Hollywood Reporter:

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10 thoughts on “Port Hope family drama in development”

  1. Sounds like a clone of Heartland. Swap out the horses for some other animals and then swap the Rockies for the shores of Lake Ontario.

    Derivative. I think I’ll stick with the original.

  2. I think this show sounds amazing! Heartland was a great show too, but I think there are distinct differences between the shows. I will definitely watch this show

  3. I really hope it does well and can not wait to see it. it sounds like heartland but I think that as it gets going its going to be very different. and it would be cool to see a different

  4. Watched it and totally enjoyed the show. It is great to see a family drama that I can watch with my grandchildren and not have to worry about undesired content.

  5. totally loved the pilot , hope they continue it , so nice to see a wholesome family show. the charactors are real and have a great potential to develop the show in further directions

  6. Enjoyed the Pilot! I was disappointed when it wasn’t on the next week and I have been looking for it ever since. So refreshing to have a family show that a family can watch together without being worried it may not be suitable for all ages. Looking forward to future episodes!

  7. Need a good family show on TV, have watch so many heartland, good show, looking forward to a new show.

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