InSecurity = The Border as a comedy

From Cassandra Szklarski of The Canadian Press:

  • Spies get the send-up in CBC-TV farce ‘InSecurity
    CBC-TV’s defunct security drama “The Border” should have been a comedy, says former “Corner Gas” writer Kevin White. How better to depict the real-life foreign affairs bloopers and espionage outrages that have exploded as embarrassing headlines? Read more.
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Diane Wild

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One thought on “InSecurity = The Border as a comedy”

  1. the border and intelligence rocked – flashpoint stinks – and so does insecurity.

    canadians are allowed to make great shows and movies when pretending to be americans – but we’re only rarely allowed to make great stuff being canadians.

    everything made being canadian is almost always crap – on purpose.

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