InSecurity’s title is its best joke

From Robert Cushman of the national Post:

  • Having a laugh
    InSecurity (CBC), whose title is its best joke, starts with an Ottawa-based team of agents debating whether the code name of their most intrepid member is Goldilocks or Mama Bear, and finally giving up on the idea altogether. That just about sets the tone. They then fail to rescue her from her current daredevil assignment. Read more.

One thought on “InSecurity’s title is its best joke”

  1. I’ll watch the first episode and form my own opinion but this sounds like more unwatchable, unfunny comedy from the CBC. Do we really another stinker along the lines of ‘Little Mosque,’ ‘Men With Brooms,”Sophie’ ‘Ron James,’ etc? These network execs assume that cute titles and wacky little music cues make funny. They are wrong. What makes good comedy is terrific writing and great execution. And network execs who know what they’re doing. I urge everyone to turn off the CBC and watch ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Hell, turn off CTV’s domestically produced comedies as well. ‘Ed For Mayor’ and ‘Hiccups’ are not much better than the banal junk on our national network.

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