New tonight: Village on a Diet on CBC – premiere

A small Canadian town with a big problem takes radical steps to lose weight in this premiere episode of a 10-part documentary. When the residents of Taylor, B.C. learn that their expanding waistlines are also dramatically shortening their life spans, they challenge themselves to lose literally a ton of weight in just three months.

Village on a Diet premieres January 3rd at 9pm on CBC

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Diane Wild

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One thought on “New tonight: Village on a Diet on CBC – premiere”

  1. I have been very honored to be part of the events and the walks on Sundays. I have discovered that I had more endurance, and that my real age is 5 years younger than what my birthday tells me. I am very proud of myself and I thank the team that has come to Taylor to be such a big help to us all.
    Thank you again.

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