New tonight: InSecurity on CBC – “Keeping Up With The Laslovs”

A mission to retrieve stolen secret Canadian submarine plans goes awry when Alex and Peter are invited to dinner by the Russian couple they’re spying on.

102 - Keeping Up With the Lazlovs 011


4 thoughts on “New tonight: InSecurity on CBC – “Keeping Up With The Laslovs””

  1. I watched the second episode and I can only say: Wow! InSecurity is a stunningly bad piece of TV. As someone said to me the other day: “If this is the kind of stuff that actually gets made by the CBC, just think of what they must turn down.”

    A note to Diane, our gracious moderator. I know my posts seem to be always negative but that’s because I, like you, care about Canadian television. I know we can do better than this and it saddens me when millions of our production dollars are wasted on shows such as ‘Little Mosque,’The Ron James Show,”Men With Brooms’ and ‘InSecurity.’ I’m still smarting over the loss of the CBC’s brilliant ‘Intelligence.’ Now, there was a little gem that, in terms of acting, writing, direction and story stood up against the best shows in the world.

  2. I have no problem with negative comments as long as they don’t attack other commenters or post under multiple aliases to create the illusion of support (neither of which you do … that I’ve noticed ;) ). I’m also not feeling a lot of love for most shows on the air right now.

    1. Thanks Diane. Yours is one of my favourite sites; perhaps the only one that covers Canadian TV to such an extent. I only wish that we had better programs to both watch and discuss. All the best and please keep up the good work.

  3. i think that the stuff they turn down is more like ‘Intelligence” than what they actually decide to air.

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