Wingin’ It season 2 premieres January 28 on Family Channel

From a media release:

Carl, Porter, Jane and the whole gang are back again as Astral’s Family Channel premieres season two of the Canadian original series Wingin’ It on Friday, January 28 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Wingin’ It follows angel-in-training Porter who possesses a devil-may-care attitude and has been sent to Earth to get his angel wings. In order to do so, he has been tasked with helping Carl Montclaire, a kid that just can’t seem to catch a break, become the most popular student at Bennett High. The problem is Carl doesn’t want the help and is happy to figure things out on his own.

In the season two premiere episode “Under Her Spell,” it’s the first day of Grade 10 and Carl can’t wait for the chance to win Jane over, that is, if he could talk to her without turning into a blubbering mess. Hoping to help Carl with his problem, Porter uses body-swap magic to transfer himself into Carl’s body. However, when the body-swap magic goes awry, Carl finds himself stuck inside a puppet and wondering who has been left in control of his body?

To coincide with the season two premiere of Wingin’ It, is also feeling the excitement of being back in the halls of Bennett High. Viewers can tackle new challenges as they face off against Serge, Brittany and others as the Wingin’ It online game introduces new levels this month. Also leading up to the season two premiere, Family Channel is letting viewers have their say with a new mobile promotion. Viewers can text in their votes as to how Carl should handle his crush on Jane prior to the premiere on January 28. Once the vote is in, viewers who have participated will receive weekly phone call reminders from the cast about new episodes of Wingin’ It.

Wingin’ It stars Dylan Everett as Carl Montclaire, Demetrius Joyette as angel-in-training Porter, Brittany Adams as Carl’s friend Jane, Brian Alexander White as tagalong friend Alex, Hannah Lochner as Brittany, the most popular girl in school, Wayne Thomas York as Dr. Cassabi, and newcomer Kendra Timmins as Denise. Jenn Robertson plays Carl’s mom Angela Montclaire and Jamie Bloch rounds out the cast as Carl’s little sister, Becky.

Commissioned by Family Channel, Wingin’ It is produced by Temple Street Productions. The series was created by Frank van Keeken (The Kids in the Hall, Billable Hours) and is executive produced by Frank van Keeken, Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier (Being Erica, Billable Hours, Canada’s Next Top Model).


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  1. I’m Kendra who is playing Denise, and wanted to clarify that my middle name is Leigh, and my last name is Timmins, just in case anyone is confused

  2. my entire GR 3 class will be watching you tomorrow night KENDRA….how exciting… have to come in for autographs some day….your mommy is so proud!
    Lisa Fisher

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