New tonight: InSecurity on CBC – “The Ligerian Candidate”

N’udu’s best friend, Masud, is rescued from a war-torn Ligeria and brought back to Canada by NISA. But someone is still out to kill Masud. Unfortunately, it’s N’udu.


One thought on “New tonight: InSecurity on CBC – “The Ligerian Candidate””

  1. From John Doyle at the G&M (and I couldn’t agree more.)

    InSecurity (CBC, Tuesdays, 8:30 p.m.) is not worth your attention. It is unspeakably bad, a misfire that has been inexplicably promoted with gusto by CBC. The premise is fine – a spoof of the spy world and partly a deadpan workplace comedy. The actors are good, the characters are likeable. But the show’s comic tone veers frantically this way and that. A good, brief comic scene is followed by embarrassingly awful material. Some jokes are smart, adult material, others are so childish they’re cringe-inducing. Thing is, there’s plenty of scope for satire in the matter of Canadian security and intelligence work, but InSecurity is just cutesy when it could be cutting. Everyone involved is very nice, which makes it all the more a pity. Are we liking it? The heavy promotion brought a healthy audience of 724,000 the first week, which declined to 526,000 and then to 356,000.

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