The Kennedys premieres on History Television April 10

From a media release:


History Television is pleased to welcome one of the most buzzed-about television events of the year, The Kennedys to its Spring line up. The Kennedys will air as a four-part movie event beginning April 10, 2011 at 9 pm ET/PT.


The anticipated four-part movie event, The Kennedys, tells the intimate story of the illustrious Kennedy family and brings to life this prolific piece of American history. Featuring an outstanding cast, this revealing eight-hour drama spotlights one of America’s most legendary families as they have never been seen before. The Kennedys begins on November 8, 1960 – Election Day – as the American people must choose between the charismatic Senator John F. Kennedy and his more experienced opponent, Vice President Richard M. Nixon.

Through flashbacks to the 1930’s and the 1940’s, The Kennedys explores the achievements, regrets, loyalties and betrayals that surrounded John, Bobby and Joe Sr., as well as the women who unconditionally supported them. The Kennedys delves deep into the events that shaped the iconic family, from the tragic death of Joe Jr. and Jack’s first run for congress, to Bobby’s’ undying loyalty to Jack’s political career and the significant introduction of Jack and Jacqueline Bouvier.

Exposing triumphs and tragedies, The Kennedys concludes with the tragic assassinations of both Jack and Bobby, leaving behind a family – and a nation – in grief, left only with the dreams and spirit of Camelot.


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  1. I remember as a young boy rushing home from school to watch John Kennedy’s press interviews. He was amazing. Truly it was Camelot and ended far too soon. The world was changed forever when we lost him. I was really looking forward to watching this miniseries but I lost my job and will be losing my cable TV. Hopefully it will be available somewhere in the future.

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