W Network home improvement series debut in March


homewreckersIn Homewreckers, this 30-minute home renovation series, contractor and plumber Kristi Hansen challenges homeowners to deal with unseen problems in order to save their homes. Week after week, Homewreckers reveals shocking cautionary tales of home neglect and near miraculous recoveries with frantic homeowners. Kristi knows that home maintenance and repairs take a distant back seat to shiny new appliances, over the top renovations and tropical getaways for most people – until it’s too late. As Kristi works to rescue and transform the homeowners’ living space, she offers viewers a survival guide of the what-not-to-ignore, and what-must-be-done. She’s arrived to stop the wrecking and start the repairing and to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Produced by Fusion Television in association with W Network, Homewreckers premieres Tuesday, March 22 at 8:30 p.m.


loveitW Network’s hit series Love It or List It returns for a fourth season this March. Each hour-long episode pits realtor David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr against each other as they compete for the homeowners’ final decision to stay or go. David’s insider’s perspective on the real estate market helps target listings to prospective buyers, but Hilary is determined to show homeowners that, within their budget, she can transform their worn-out house into a castle they can love. Season 4 is full of unique characters, including a household of six outspoken daughters who are determined to convince their father to stay in the family home, and a family who have their hearts set on creating an Elvis-inspired basement. Audiences can expect more great transformations, loads of drama and even bigger battles between Hilary and David when this brand new season of Love It or List It premieres Monday, March 14 at 10 p.m.


candaceCandice Olson pulls out all the stops designing a loft in this special episode of Candice Tells All. What was once a lovely condo dining room is now filled with filing boxes, printer wires and all the paraphernalia of a busy office, which unfortunately means that when the day is over, homeowner Phyllis has no space to relax, enjoy a home cooked meal or entertain her friends. Applying the principle of double duty design, Candice sets out to save the day by space planning for multi-purpose, multi-functional, everyday ergonomics – in a teeny, tiny space. Also, Chico (Divine Design) is back to help out with a lighting emergency. Viewers can tune in as Candice and her team create a beautiful area that serves as an efficient office by day and an inviting, relaxing space by night when Candice Tells All – Double Duty Design premieres Thursday, March 10 at 8 p.m.


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  1. I work for Basement Systems Vancouver Inc. & I was just wondering when our episode will air on Homewreckers. Please let me know.


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