Natalie Lisinska and Richard Yearwood of InSecurity

From Wendy Dallian of the Vancouver Observer:

  • Armed and Ridiculous! CBC InSecurity actors at the VO
    I really relish the challenge that the tone of the show has posed. The show is incredibly specific in that it really walks the line between drama and comedy. It’s almost like the characters haven’t gotten the memo that they’re in a comedy. So it’s incredibly dead pan and then picking out the moments where you can play the comedy a little bit more. Read more.


2 thoughts on “Natalie Lisinska and Richard Yearwood of InSecurity”

  1. Have these people actually watched the piece of crap show on which they’re appearing? Perhaps they’re simply trying to justify the 3 or 4 months of their lives they devoted to this awful, unfunny comedy. It’s not the fault of the cast. They might actually have talent. But the CBC execs and the writers in charge of this abomination should all simply quit their TV jobs and move on. I’ve had enough. I’m a comedy writer and this and ‘Little Mosque’ and ‘Men With Brooms’ is sickening. Do Better! Or Quit! I am really, really pissed off at the state of television comedy in this country. You should all be ashamed. And unemployed!

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