18 to Life “officially dead”

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Out at CBC: 18 to Life and Dragon Brett Wilson
    First is the news that started to filter in yesterday that 18 to Life is officially dead. Odd this call was made the week the show took a major jump in the ratings. This Monday, 18 to Life pulled 381,000 viewers, up over 100,000 from recent weeks. It did better this week than InSecurity (356,000), the Tuesday night CBC spy spoof that made the CBC protected list over a week ago. Read more.

3 thoughts on “18 to Life “officially dead””

  1. can’t imagine having mosque as a lead in did the lifer’s any favours. the only similarity between the people who watch mosque and those who what “18 to Life” is that both are bipeds

  2. I hope this isn’t true. The show was one of the best that CBC had. I have no idea why they would cancel a show that was able to pull in 300K viewers.

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