Ken Finkleman on his Good Dog jerk

From Scott Stinson of the National Post:

  • Good Dog: Me, that jerk and I
    It takes a fair bit of confidence to create a series of television shows with an “autobiographical” character at the centre who is, to put it politely, a jerk. That’s actually putting it very politely. Since he first appeared in The Newsroom 15 years ago, through three other CBC shows, and now in the new series Good Dog, perhaps George Findlay’s single redeeming quality is that he hasn’t killed anyone. Read more.
  • Q&A: Ken Finkleman
    Ken Finkleman is an excellent talker. When we spoke about his upcoming show Good Dog, which reprises his autobiographical George Findlay character, there was much that didn’t make the final column. What follows is an edited Q&A session, though you’ll notice there’s a lot more A than Q. Read more.