Good Dog and bad women

From Jaime Weinman of Maclean’s:

  • Ken Finkleman doesn’t ‘get’ women
    Ken Finkleman says he’s “terrible at writing women. I should not be allowed to do it.” So why is Good Dog, the newest series from Canada’s most famous TV creator-star (The Newsroom), about his relationship with a woman—and not just any woman, but one half his age? The pilot, which aired on the Movie Network last Sunday, seemed like another of Finkleman’s reality-TV parodies, as his character, George, is forced to move in with his beautiful young girlfriend (Lauren Lee Smith) by a network that’s making a reality show about his life. In the episodes to come, though, the show plot goes by the wayside, and the show becomes something fairly new: a Finkleman show about relationships. If we thought it was awkward to see Finkleman satirize the world of news and media, wait until we see him try to deal with what he calls “a social situation with this woman.” Read more.