Sheri Elwood calls the shots on Call Me Fitz

From Jaime Weinman in Canadian Screenwriter:

  • Calling the Shots on Call Me Fitz
    “It’s as close to a U.S. model of showrunning that I’ve come across,” says Sheri Elwood, creator of Call Me Fitz. A TMN show about a Rat Pack-obsessed sleazeball, it’s a dark comedy in the vein of HBO and Showtime – the lead character spent the first season finale getting kidnapped by three women who threatened to cut his penis off – but a very Canadian production right down to the star, Jason Priestley. Yet in a somewhat un-Canadian fashion, the creator is in charge. “Every wardrobe choice, camera filter, line of dialogue, casting idea, music choice, filters through me,” Elwood says. Read more.
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