Does Canadian TV hate Americans? Not really.

From Colin Woodward of the Christian Science Monitor:

  • Canadian TV producers: We don’t really hate America
    “Any day of the week on American television there are probably a dozen hours of something showing American government agencies in a poor light,” says Chris Haddock, creator of “Intelligence,” a CBC crime drama that the leaked cable took to task for its “stinging” portrayal of US-Canadian law enforcement collaboration. “Canadian citizens and American citizens have never looked at each other with any sort of animosity. It’s a tempest in a teapot, really.” Read more.

2 thoughts on “Does Canadian TV hate Americans? Not really.”

  1. I don’t think there’s an intent to be anti-American. I just think anti-Americanism is so ingrained here that Canadians don’t notice it anymore. I’ve never been to a social gathering or business meeting here where someone didn’t say something disparaging about the U.S.

    It’s very difficult to be an American in Canada, to the point that my son tries to hide his nationality at school. When we go to parent conferences, he begs us not to let on that he’s American, for fear that both teachers and peers will take their anti-U.S. sentiments out on him.

    Naturally, this bias is reflected on Canadian television. Hating Americans is a key part of who Canadians are apparently.

  2. Speaking as an American, I think The Border showed a definite anti-American bias…or rather, a definite anti-American-government bias. But so what? My wife and I, who felt a disturbingly jingoistic tone here in the States during the Bush years, found it refreshing to see how others might see us in a bad light.

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