Wipeout Canada brings Canadians to the big red balls

From Denette Wilford of TV Guide:

  • Get ready for a wild ride
    Two words: Big. Balls. Sure, the now-familiar term might sound offensive — or complimentary, depending on how it’s perceived — but for the contestants of Wipeout Canada, the term became part of their everyday vocabulary, right up there with “hello” and “how’s it going?” while filming the competition spinoff down in Argentina. Read more.

From Michelle da Silva of the Georgia Straight:

  • Canadian contestants bounce onto television in Wipeout Canada
    In the first episode of the hilarious obstacle-course game show Wipeout Canada , audiences are introduced to Heather Westmacott, a self-proclaimed “yummy mummy” from Winnipeg, Manitoba; Philip Demers from Welland, Ontario, who calls himself the “Walrus”; and shy but sweet Sizula Pitsiulak from Kimmirut, Nunavut. While these three contestants and the 17 others who appear in the premiere episode are armed with enough personality to pack a decent punch, these 20 are only a hint of what’s to come. Read more.

From Dose:

  • Q&A: Wipeout Canada hosts Ennis Esmer and Jessica Phillips
    For years, Canadians have watched our neighbours to the South stumble, crash, fall and humiliate themselves on the American reality competition Wipeout. Now, we get to watch our own citizens humiliate themselves for the chance at a big cash prize, as Wipeout Canada debuts Sunday, April 3. Whether it’s being spun off the big foam platforms or bouncing off the giant red balls, the Canuck contestants have their work cut out for them if they want to win. Read more.