Wipeout Canada contestants need big cajones

From Bill Brioux at TV Feeds My Family:

  • Sunday premiere: Wipeout Canada
    Do Canadians have the cajones to tackle the Big Red Balls of Wipeout? Find out Sunday night at 8 p.m. as Wipeout Canada premieres on TVTropolis. I was one of a posse of journalists who were lucky enough to be flown down to the outsourced site of this zany reality stunt show–in Beunos Aires, Argentina. Read more.

One thought on “Wipeout Canada contestants need big cajones”

  1. The Canadian version is atrocious!

    My daughter and I are big fans of the American version of Wipeout. The hosts are fun, the jokes are corny but enjoyable and well of course the wipeouts and big balls etc.

    So we were looking forward to the Canadian version. Unfortunately, there is nothing good about our version. The hosts are both playing the fool, so there is no chemistry as in the American show. The redhead seems dumber than a post and has none of the charm of Jill. Torrens’ voice is like some demented cartoon character. The “jokes” are awful etc, etc.

    We got five minutes into the show, looked at each other in dismay and changed the channel.

    Not only do I feel dumber after those five minutes but somewhat ashamed as a Canadian.

    Canadians make lots of great shows. This isn’t even marginal. It sucks!

    Also, for some reason the video quality was atrocious, though maybe that is the network.

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