The Next Star begins cross-country auditions

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  • Six-city search begins Saturday, May 7 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Detailed audition information available at

Get ready Canada, Corus Entertainment’s YTV announced today that Season 4 of the network’s top rated series The Next Star will once again go cross-country for its nationwide six-city search for the country’s next young singing superstar. Auditions begin Saturday, May 7 in Winnipeg, Manitoba and continue throughout the month of May. Complete audition information can be found at

With Adamo Ruggiero (Degrassi: The Next Generation) returning as the charismatic host of the series, The Next Star hopefuls will be judged and guided by an esteemed panel of experts, including returning mentors, musician Suzie McNeil, songwriter Christopher Ward and music marketing exec Steve Cranwell.

In keeping with the previous three seasons, The Next Star auditions will be open to kids aged 15 and under and will focus on finding Canada’s next singing sensation. Following the open call auditions, the Top 16 will be revealed, and six finalists will be chosen to go through The Next Star star-making process. With an array of challenges including mastering the perfect sound, style and interview, the six finalists will all get a taste of the limelight, but only one will take home the coveted title of The Next Star at the live finale in September. The finalist with the most viewer votes will be named the winner, receiving the grand prize package.

Auditions will be held in three new cities this season, adding Winnipeg, Calgary and Halifax to the nationwide six-city search. Below is a complete list of cities and locations:

Saturday, May 7
Winnipeg Convention Centre, 375 York Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tuesday, May 10
MacEwan Conference and Events Centre at the University of Calgary, 2500 University Dr NW, Calgary, Alberta

Saturday, May 14
Hotel Omni Mont Royal, 1050 Sherbrooke St West, Montreal, Quebec

Tuesday, May 17
Westin Nova Scotian, 1181 Hollis St, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Saturday, May 21
Vancouver Convention Centre, 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, British Columbia

Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front St W (North Building), Toronto, Ontario

Hopeful finalists and fans can visit the official website at for more information on the audition process, rules and procedures.

Once the series has launched in July on YTV, the website will be centre stage for audience interaction, streaming video and the voting process. Viewers will be encouraged to visit the site to vote for their favourite finalist, find show info, surf finalist pages, download extra content and watch behind-the-scenes videos.

Award-winning singer, Suzie McNeil, released her latest single “Drama Queen” in February as a preview to her highly anticipated fourth album launching this Spring. JUNO Award-winning composer and MuchMusic’s first VJ, Christopher Ward, has written a number of chart-topping singles including Black Velvet for Alannah Myles and most recently penned songs for Cirque du Soleil’s Banana Shpeel. It was Steve Cranwell’s 23 years of experience in music marketing that led to the newest chapter of his life, Executive Director of MusiCounts, Canada’s music education charity.


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          1. so on may 19 you just have to bring the form out to tornoto and you tryout or do u have to do somthing first i want to try out

      1. i think YOU should go where the closest auditions are. its a little more sensible.. seeing as i don’t think nearly as many people live in codroy valley or whatever as in the actual audition area. js

        1. don’t think that I would do that I would freek out and run away! never gong bac again that would just make me scared

          1. then go to Calgary, i live in Red Deer and im going to get up early in the morning to drive there

      2. Yes, I agree. They should come to Newfoundland. I would really love to try out, but going across the country would be too far. Even St.Johns would be fine, there are many different talents across the island. WE SHOULD HAVE OUR CHANCE TOO! :P

      3. I think they should at least come to St.Johns, I’m also from Newfoundland and I’ve been waiting forever for the auditions to start this season! But now I find out they’re not coming here :(

          1. well my name is serenna and im trying out on may 28 in toronto i met justin bieber back stage!!!!!! Ihope every one gets there dream i like singing ttyl

    1. hi i am 10 and i want to try out for the next star in winnipeg with my friend and do any of you know if your allowed to do duets?

      1. I remember one of the older seasons some people performed duets, but I’m not so sure about now.

    1. UMm the dates for tronoto is wrong sense my sister is going to anime north on may 25-27 and thats friday staurday and sunday but it say the 28 and 29 are saturday and sunday but really that moday and tuesday tho soo now im sad cause i cant miss school for this apperntly :(

  1. who my friends are trying out i hope they make it and go all the way there really talented so judges there coming to see you wait and see how good they plaese let them go all the way good luck to all of you out there trying ou t for the NEXT STAR is a good competion

  2. ME AND MY FRIEND AREEE SIGNING UP ! TORONTO HERE WE COME ! :) Were the next stars <3 loveee girlll <3

  3. whooooooo turn on the mic, i love to sing!!!!toronto here comes some gr8 talet & music

  4. awwwwww i cant believe that is miss the addition im in winnipeg/manitoba that was yesterday aww :(

  5. i never new it was yesurday woow i missed the addition i hope they do another one some other time

  6. When do the auditions for the virtual next star start??? Since I cant go to the auditions in toronto because I dont have a ride and I missed them already but I wanna try out still and need to know when the virtual one starts?

    1. I was just on the website and ppl already uploaded videos. Idk if it’s over. I think it just started

  7. I was going to try out but i saw the add on today that the stared soon so i got really excited…. Please does anyone know when the virtual ones start…

  8. OMG!!!! I’m in deep doo doo! The halifax episodes start tomorrow, and I don’t know where to audition! (I live in halifax) Please help me! PWEASE?

  9. [comment edited – please don’t leave your personal info here. Commenting on this site isn’t a way to contact the show and it’s not wise to put your address, phone, DOB etc on the open Internet.]

  10. [comment edited – please don’t leave your personal info here. Commenting on this site isn’t a way to contact the show and it’s not wise to put your address, phone, DOB etc on the open Internet.]

  11. i hate this show but its the only shot i have to become a star so…Toronto here i come!

  12. hello i love this show so much and i really wanna be on it but my parents wont drive me anywhere far from my place do you think you guys could come to grande prairie alberta or dawson creek british columbia please i would be so happy :)

  13. is this information for this year 2012 or last year. Cause I wanna know when the Toronto auditions are

  14. Please please please please please please please please come to saskatoon please I’m really talented and I now10 or more Peale that will be there if you guys give saskatoon a second chance want do u have to lose come on ytv

    1. Ive always wanted to audition, all my life actually. I’ve been dreaming of it for years and last time they came to sask i was really sick. I wish they would gives another chance.

        do you know 2012 halifax time and place like where do they have the auditions?me and my two friends are auditioning and we looked for it on alot of websites and nothing please reply

  15. you posted the audition date for Winnipeg, Manitoba but May 7 is a Monday please let me know what the real date is as i don’t want to miss it thank you.

  16. Please come to Vancouver for 2012 my parents are only letting me audition this year and I’m 10 years. Old and every one tells me I have an amazing voice

  17. I am auditioning :) everyone tells me that I have a great voice and that I should audition so I am.

  18. I have only sung in public once before and my friends told me i had a great voice. I’ve always been way to scared to audition for anything like this but I’m 15 so I decided that I have nothing to lose! So on May 21 when they come to Vancouver I am going to be there :)

  19. I wish you guys would come to Edmonton AB then i would Definetly try out my parents tell me that i have the best voice ever so plz if u get the chance could u come to Edmonton Ab

  20. I sing in public all the time! I have gigs and connections. I play guitar and sing. Im in choir and voice and singing camps. This is my dream. I would be blessed if you guys come to NL. Please! Whoever has this website, contact the people and say that they should go in every province. People say Im the most talented 11 year old they have ever heard, even strangers. COME TO NL!

    1. u sound like u know what ur doing i have never had singig leasons but every one i my town says i have a good voie. hope i get in sooooo stoked!!!!

  21. Good luck to everyone who’s planning on auditioning! I turned sixteen last summer, so I can’t audition! This would have been my first attempt, but oh well :/

    1. you can this girl in the 2010 one auditioned and she made it to the top six!!!so :D

  22. why do u guys not go to newfoundland we are part of canada to u know! so come this year pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. i have the same question all i no is april 28th 2012 and you sign up there where it is i dont know where it is

  23. I wanna enter this year …. but i gota know when and where its gonna take place in Winnipeg before its too late …

  24. I’m sooooooo excited for them to come to Toronto, I wanted to audition last year but I was a little scared so I’m gonna audition this year and win!

  25. I’m so stoked for them to come to vanover i really want to try out!! I’m 13 turning 14 in august but i have never told anyone (not even my friends) that i can sing!!!!! I reallu want to try out but i’m soooo nurvous!!!

  26. Soooo nurvous my mom gives my some support but my dad has never really thought that if u have a dream like being a singer it’s worth following………I’m soooooo confused as to what i should do????

  27. I wish that they could come to Edmonton! I know I have my moms talent with her voice and my entire family tells me it. last time I just did’nt have the gutts to do it. So I started singing more and more! i have been singing since I was 4 and now 11 I think that I have a chance to make it. But maybe next yer they will come to Edmonton n not calgary!!!!!!!!!

  28. i am confused it is already on tv and has the auditions in calgary? plz someone answer me

  29. good luck to all of you and i hope the best wins so good luck too all you all rock

  30. UMm the dates for tronoto is wrong sense my sister is going to anime north on may 25-27 and thats friday staurday and sunday but it say the 28 and 29 are saturday and sunday but really that moday and tuesday tho soo now im sad cause i cant miss school for this apperntly :( now im sad

  31. wait i just checked the calender and this is the 2011 dates not 2012 YAY!!! so i stl get a chance i am sooo happy now :D

  32. i want them to hold auditions in ottawa ,becuz there so many talented people in ottawa and i would try out to maybe they finally will who now i just hope its soon

    1. there are talented people every where i live in a small town 9 people at my school who have amazing voices. ( and that’s just some of my friends LOLL)

    1. i wanna too just go after skool
      but aren’t u scared that if u don’t make it other kids in ur skool would laugh cause i wanna go but scared classmates would tease

  33. Im trying out and since im like a tom boy and I told everyone they were like you can sing? and I sang and they were like wow you can sing! i wonder what time I should get in line at

    -Everyones favourite city VANCOUVER,Gal

  34. IM SOOOOOOOO happy because the Auditions are at Saturday yeahhhhhhhh wooooooo awsome allie rules

  35. Toronto Auditions, Does anyone know how early you need to get in line to guarantee yourself an audition? Do you need to camp out the night before? Or is getting their at 5am sufficient.

  36. Hi um I wanted to sign up for this to sing can I sign up now or is it too late? Can the owner of this page please send me an email? I need to know! Thanks

  37. hi umm i am geting really excited to tryout for the next star i hope i make it but i bet i will not cause there r so many people that tryout and the odds of me winning is 1 out of 100 so ya i just hope that i make it

  38. im 10 and i really want to sign up but my friend said that we should become famous because we’re friends with Ariana Grande so WHAT SHOULD I PICK ?

  39. Yes well I was just looking for the 2012 audition schedule times and dates and I found nothing so much for trying to audition now I think ill quit on my dream ty very much

  40. i wish i can but i don,t know how does anyone know how if do please e-mail me at terrahbeaucage@hotmailcom okay i really want to try even i don,t make it i still want to try please if you guys help it would be a dream come true my name is Terrah Beaucage i live with my dad and i,m going throw a hard time with my family the thing why i,m singing it because i do it for my dad i run for my the only thing why i,m living its because of my dad i sing for dad he thinks i have a good voice so please will you please help to try to try out i really want to please and thank you :D

  41. The next star should come to Kelowna,BC!!!! I really want to audition before its too late I only have one more year! my fingers are crossed for 2013! <3

  42. i really hope i can audition for the next star that’s my dream and it looks really fun

  43. omg i hope the next star comes close to my city so i could audition i got my fingerz crossed oh i hope _” hmm im bored lol

  44. i live in a small reseve called SweetGrass yea thats right im a native hehe:):):):) i hope the next star come to a close place near my place

  45. the next star people if your reading this ok heres the deal if you come to saskatoon in saskatchewan i will come audition please

  46. I have a question are there still additions for the next star this year or do I have to wait till next year

    1. you have to wait to last addution was 29 in may in toronto so ya you have to wait until 2013

  47. heeey every one im kira and im soooooo excited to go and see others watch me get a golden ticket

  48. I would really like to know when the montreal auditions are for 2012,2013 i really wanna try out can someone pleaze respond :( i would appreciate it

  49. I would really like to know when the montreal auditions are for 2013 i really wanna try out can someone pleaze respond :( i would appreciate it

  50. I would love to audition, I was actually kinda hoping to do Canada’s got talent but they canceled and now the next stars my only chance but I just don’t want to miss school or mess up on anything

  51. They should comme to Ottawa ;) it would be awesome even tho it’s not that big it would still be worth it :))

  52. am in toronto ontario please come in etobicoke in islington jms am a great singer and a songwriter and i would love to audition for the nextstar please reply or call me 6473454665. it,s sarah

    1. song list? u can sing anything! try going 4 something that compliments ur voice, like if you have quieter voice go for a quieter song. and obviously dont do somthing that swears alot because you would have cut out all the swears and thats just more work 4 u!

      1. also make sure you really like the song because you really need to practice it constantly if you want a shot at a golden ticket

        1. im really into the songs “umbrella”, “love me for me” by cher lloyd and “bubly” and i sound really good singing them!

    2. if u r looking 4 somthing popular here’s some ideas;
      give your heart a break
      jet lag
      dont speak
      wide awake
      50 ways to say goodbye

  53. i really need to know what the dates are for the, next star in 2013 for vancouver
    please if you have the info can you e-mail them to me. there is a course in the spring i would like to take and i need to book soon. thank you irene

  54. for the Toronto one does anyone know what time they start and end please reply back thank you!

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