Canada’s Worst Handyman returns May 2 on Discovery Channel

From a media release:

CANADA’S WORST HANDYMAN Heads to the Honeymoon Capital of the World for Season 6, May 2 on Discovery Channel


  • Season 6 features five horrible handyman overhauling Niagara Falls honeymoon suite
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Tasked with romantic renos, CANADA’S WORST HANDYMAN says “I do!” to a sixth season of the hit Discovery Channel series. Returning Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning May 2, the seven-part series written and hosted by Andrew Younghusband features a new crew of offensive renovators – the do-it-yourselfers with ambitions that so exceed their abilities that they’ve left monumental home improvement disasters in their wake. This season, the team heads to the honeymoon capital of the world – Niagara Falls – to overhaul rundown honeymoon suites and try to transform them into heart-stopping romantic retreats… for better or for worse!

In Season 6 of CANADA’S WORST HANDYMAN, five of the country’s most hapless home renovators are tasked with overhauling a motel in Niagara Falls, ON. At the motel, each handyman (and one handywoman) – along with their nominator – attempts to remodel a room and transform the space into a themed, romantic, honeymoon retreat. The group must also work together to create the ultimate romantic haven, a Couple’s Spa.

For five seasons of CANADA’S WORST HANDYMAN, disastrous DIYers have been put through their paces renovating dilapidated apartments, constructing eco-friendly sheds, converting a rundown Victorian mansion into a B & B, overhauling a cottage-country lodge and even tackling a frat house. In Season 6, five new DIYers head to Niagara Falls to overhaul the rundown honeymoon suites under the expert guidance of carpentry expert Gail Prosser-Craig and general contractor Geoff Woodmansey. Together with Younghusband, they guide and evaluate the participants and judge each episode’s projects as the handymen try to transform the rundown suites into heart-stopping romantic retreats, learning carpentry, plumbing, tiling and even electrical skills in the process. At the end of each episode, see who’s named the “Most Improved Handyman” and the “Worst Handyman” of the week. This season’s participants are:

Charlene, from Pickering, ON, is full of ideas, loves to design and rip her house apart. The problem is that she can’t complete her visions and her husband must step in to repair, rebuild and finish what she started. Charlene needs to gain know-how and change this pattern according to her twin sister, Charmaine.

Matt, from Ottawa, ON, is single and a new homeowner. When it comes to handiwork Matt is clueless. Puzzled by even the simplest tasks, he is constantly relying on his friends for advice. Tired of helping him out, Matt was nominated by his buddy, Kory.

Ajay, from Strathmore, AB, is a businessman and landlord. Ajay feels professionals cost way too much money so he attempts all home projects himself – working fast and cutting corners is his specialty. Exhausted by all his failed projects, Ajay was nominated by his wife Prabhjot.

Dan, from Cambridge, ON, is a new homeowner and new dad. His home is currently a construction zone. Dan has handyman anger issues – driving his wife Natasha out of their home while he works.

Rob, from Dunchurch, ON, is a professional insulation installer who hurts himself regularly. Rob feels that handymen should be able to take the pain. Rob’s common-law spouse, Joe-Anne, nominated him to put an end to the accidents.

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  2. Where is the motel/hotel they worked on? I want to go there and stay this show is awsome watch it all the time have never missed an show let me know if you can where the shoot for this season was thanks

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