Endgame showcases Vancouver as Vancouver

From Canada Arts Connect Magazine:

  • Vancouver plays Vancouver on Endgame
    Vancouver screenwriter, Katherine Collins says the Vancouver connection wasn’t part of the inception, but it’s level of importance changed, “Avrum Jacobson, the creator and showrunner, is from Montreal and Toronto and I don’t think he originally intended for the show to be set here, however the production company and the network thought Vancouver would work well… as the series started to grow and stories began to bloom, Vancouver became a real character as we exploited its many attributes.” Read more.


3 thoughts on “Endgame showcases Vancouver as Vancouver”

  1. I love this show, and I’ve noticed all the Vancouver neighborhoods and street names that get name-dropped. But there’s one word that has never been spoken aloud on the show, unless I’ve missed it. That word is “Vancouver.” So despite using the names of neighborhoods and street names, it still comes across like they’re not exactly in a hurry to advertise that this is set in Canada, since I’m sure they’re hoping to sell it to an American market.

    And speaking as an American, I’m constantly embarrassed that my country is so unwilling to watch a show that’s unabashedly set in Canada. So we’re left with stuff like Flashpoint and Rookie Blue, where they have to sort of downplay any overt Canadian-ness.

  2. I don’t like cop shows at all (too much law bull) but they have somehow taken all the good stuff from those kind of shows, and strategically moved them into a drama around a Hilton like place. I’m also glad to see a Canadian show not claiming they’re in the U.S. And don’t worry Jay, I’ve watched all the episodes up to “Bless this union” twice now and they dont mention what city that specific hotel is in. yet.

  3. Say it ain’t so!!!! BAD Showtime, to cancel this excellent show! It’s one of the very few intelligent and well-written shows on tv, and it doesn’t rely on juvenile fart jokes (Is that why it was cancelled?) Jeez-louise, why are all the good shows cancelled? BUMMER

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