CBC announces Arctic Air for winter 2012 season

From the shortest media release ever:


CBC Television is pleased to announce the commission of a new dramatic series for the winter 2012 season, ARCTIC AIR. ARCTIC AIR will be produced by Vancouver-based production company OMNI Film.

Further information on the series will be released at a later date.


52 thoughts on “CBC announces Arctic Air for winter 2012 season”

  1. I’m an avid tv watcher, but Beyond Heartland and Doyle, does anyone watch any CBC drama shows? All of their other series shed audiences with each passing season.

    If there was ever a broadcaster that was out of touch with its audience it would be CBC.

  2. Yes, I watch CBC dramas, if only there were more of them (on the English side anyway). Thank god at least Radio-Canada still makes addictive dramas like 19-2 which I was completely hooked on. But since the season finale on April 6, even on the French side popular shows struggle to get 2nd or 3rd seasons made. On the English side we usually have to be happy with 2 part movies they laughably refer to as mini”series”. (I grew up in the 80s, to me a drama miniseries is way longer). Hey CBC, why don’t you wait until you actually have the details before you bother to announce something? Those people don’t know how to promote anything!

  3. Is this posed to be anything like “Flying Wild Alaska” from the Discovery Channel? If so, it should be a great show.

      1. They aren’t really the same. They are both better than a lot of other crappy shows but the last thing we need is another “air” show.

  4. I noticed the two actors drinking what appears to be cappucino under the “Arctic Air” byline on the CBC ad. Is this another show about urban people with good intentions who travel to the arctic (always during the summer months)and ponder global warming? Or will it be about real people, who incidentally have little or no access to cappucino, let alone the kind of money it takes to purchase a $3000.00 airline ticket to the arctic and back.

    1. Um, it’s Yellowknife. We do have access to Cappuccinos (hello Javaroma!) and a round trip ticket costs $500 at most. And to be fair, the large majority of non-aboriginal Yellowknifers are from away and many of us are here because we are making great money working in the north.

  5. I hope there’s hot Canadian women in this show….. And alot of well written well thought out Canadiana. Please don’t make another American cheese- fest……. I don’t need to know how the gunpowder residue got there. I just want to see a well shot killing. The best special effects please….. Based on reality though.

  6. Typical CBC – they will shoot themselves in the foot with this one. They need to get used to the fact that people actually like “reality” TV as opposed to some half-baked drama, rife with inaccuracies and actors we don’t know. This is not Beach Comber days, CBC execs! There is a ton of choice out there. If you’re someone living in the bush, watching one channel on rabbit-ears, you’ll be the only viewer. The rest of us will be watching Ice Pilots, Flying Wild Alaska, etc. etc.

    1. This is a good show reality is so phony those guys on those shows are told to act like that it isn’t real ,mind you ice pilots is good

  7. I happen to live in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories where shooting some of the “Arctic Air” series. It has only just begun and I believe they will be back in mid October to early November to shoot more scenes. Don’t know all that much about it and didn’t go out to be an extra. Looking forward to seeing my little town on TV….

  8. Oh no,
    Apparently just now a twin otter (flown by Arctic Sunwest) carrying the Arctic Air crew crashed in Yellowknife while filming. Powerline down on a road. 7 passengers, 2 crew; at least one dead.
    My prayers to all involved.

  9. From what I read there was no one from the Arctic Air TV shoe involved in the crash. That does not diminish the tragedy but don’t post what you don’t know

  10. I am proud of my nephew who works for this airline and who I am looking forward to seeing on the show, proud they have been filming his flying and hearts go out to his coworkers killed in accident. I will be looking foward to watching and supoorting Canadian based show.

    1. Right on it is a great show and Adam Beach is a fantastic actor I love him wish he was in more movies

  11. The quick preview looked amazing, and I have ALWAYS been an Adam Beach fan! Will tune in just to see him!!!

  12. I have been watching canadian tv for 60 years. Come on folks give it a chance. Any show that is mostly true to a location or group of workers or people can teach us more than so called “reality shows”. Looking forward to it.

  13. I guess I’m one of the few who watch CBC a lot – The National, George S., Rick Mercer – there is some really good stuff there. I hope this show lives up to my expectations because it looks terrific in the promos.

  14. I have just watched 20 minutes of Artic Air
    and it is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen. I Will never watch this program again. Ice Pilots NWT is a real show not this make believe JUNK.

  15. My, aren’t we a snarky bunch! I can’t believe Canadians are so jaded. I think CBC TV is doing a great job on dramas especially Republic of Doyle which is new and fresh. I have only seen one episode of Arctic Air (last week) and I loved it. I will watch it again.

  16. I was watching arctic air January 24, I enjoyed the show. But the secrect word was flashed so darn word.quick, there was no way I could read it. I was ticked. Can you e-mail to me the secret word?

  17. I Love CBC’s Series Republic of Doyle, Artic Air and Heartland. Great entertainment, excellent story lines and the pictures of our great country depicted in each of these series is remarkable. KUDOS CBC for reaching an audience of all ages!!!! Keep these shows every season and the fans will continue to support this station!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!

  18. Arctic Air is a terrible show. Poorly written, poorly acted, and I would bet poorly rated after people see one episode.

  19. I disagree with the dudes that dont like this show. what do they want – more “reality” crap. there are only four good shows on cbc. Heartland, Doyle, Arctic Air and Mercer. too bad its only for the winter season. They could do with getting rid of alot of their stuff and putting on more interesting shows if they want any viewers left. Maybe these people who do not like Arctic Air could immerse themselves iin more hockey and pickle their brains a little more. About time cbc put on something better.

  20. i really enjoyed arctic air. goes to show what can happen besides monsters chasing you, or movies about never ending vampires. one gets sick of the same old programs over and over. arctic air should be a continuous
    series. if you don’t like it, then there’s a button on your tv called ‘OFF’.

  21. This show has been amazing all season. My wife and I look forward to it and can not wait until the new season begins!! Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Somebody please let me know when it is on next!!

    Keep up the great work everyone on the show and involved with it!!

  22. I love this show. The scenery is great. I would love to see more Canadian dramas. I hope Artic Air is on again.

  23. Arctic Air is a great show, right up there with Republic of Doyle and Heartland. I hope that CBC gives it the go ahead for another season, unlike when they scrapped Wild Roses.

  24. love this show!!! and the cast is fantastic!!
    beautiful scenery!!
    bring out season 2 please!!
    All you ever see anymore are reality shows that show the worst kind of person you can be… great for Jerry Springer fans. And nothing but sitcoms of disfunctional people going through life without morals or values.

  25. I don’t know why there isn’t a “CBC Classic” digital channel so we can see all CBC dramas/sitcoms and most importantly, miniseries and movies or regular rotation. Iron Road was good, The Englishmans’ Boy was excellent, so was This is Wonderland. Snakes and Ladders. Yes I know there’s Bold but I’m talking 100% old CBC content. North of 60 reruns. Street Legal.

  26. My Dad and I watched every episode of Arctic Air. We looked forward to Tuesday evenings and I am very happy to hear it was successful and look forward to its return in the fall.

  27. I am very glad to hear this show is coming bk in the fall; it may not be what a lot of people look for these days but i think it is good and entertaining which makes me a happy camper :)


  29. It is such a shame that that because of Government cutbacks we are loosing this Great show that shows off a par t of Canada that many Canadians have never seen. Great actors, good storytelling. I will miss Artic Air. Still loving Doyle though!!!

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