New tonight: Hiccups on CTV – “Hollywood Makeup”


In Season 2 of HICCUPS, Nancy Robertson returns as the hot-headed children’s author Millie Upton, who continues to give her “life coach” Stan Dirko (Brent Butt) a run for his (lack of) money. In the season premiere, a trip to Hollywood is in order for Millie, Stan and Taylor (David Ingram) to investigate some options for a Grumpaloo movie. Back at the Haddison House, Joyce (Laura Soltis) uses Anna (Paula Rivera) and Crystal (Emily Perkins) as guinea pigs to test homemade skin care products.


One thought on “New tonight: Hiccups on CTV – “Hollywood Makeup””

  1. Still not very funny, Crystal was my favorite caracter last season 1 but she will quit soon, I think.

    Anyway I will watch because there not a lot of thing this summer.

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