Dan as Mayor is still the same old Dan

By Diane Wild of TV, eh?

Will Dan still be Dan when he is mayor instead of running for mayor? Star Fred Ewanuick and writer and executive producer Mark Farrell think so.

“He’s actively trying to better himself and be the best mayor he can be,” said Ewanuick. “He’s not making a joke of it. But of course he doesn’t know what he’s doing so he gets himself in trouble.”

“He’s mayor but he’s not a politician. I think he’s the kind of politician we need more of in real life, who just wants to do the right thing. He makes mistakes but he fesses up to him.”

Farrell, who created the show with Paul Mather and Kevin White, explained, “In a way we think he’s still running for mayor even though he’s mayor – he’s trying to prove himself. Dan’s in way over his head, and we see how this decision affects him and the people in his orbit.”

Now in its second season, premiering tonight on CTV, the show has become less serialized. “We’re trying to have a mayor problem that he’s completely bogged down with every week,” Farrell said. “In the first episode, he names the rink after someone, but it’s already been promised to someone else. He still gets himself into a mess every week.”


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  1. I was hoping for a more drastic change in the show, like maybe a couple of laughs…

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