Deck Wars premieres on HGTV July 7

From a media release:

HGTV Canada Declares Deck Wars

  • Brand New Canadian Series Showcases the Battle for Ultimate Deck Supremacy Premiering July 7 at 10pm ET/PT


Think you’ve got the best backyard on the block? Think again. Beginning Thursday, July 7 at 10pm ET/PT, brand new Canadian original series Deck Wars will bring together weekend deck enthusiasts in a construction challenge that will test the limits of outdoor design. Hosted by HGTV Canada’s new rock star construction guru, Paul Lafrance (Decked Out), this challenge has competitors constructing full decks in a pressure cooker of time, expectations and skill – putting it all on the line to win a very large trophy, and eternal bragging rights.

The field of battle for Deck Wars is an indoor warehouse, with all materials and tools awaiting the arrival of the warriors. Unlike most backyard deck constructions, you won’t find any beer or buddies here. Instead, it’s a fast-paced construction challenge that results in competitors resorting to distraction tactics, name-calling, dueling…and even dance-offs. Aided by the cast of characters from Decked Out, and guided along the way by Paul himself, teams must use every moment wisely to assert their deck dexterity. They will be judged by Paul along with two other rotating HGTV personalities, including Bryan Baeumler (Disaster DIY), Scott McGillivray (Income Property), and Damon Bennett (Holmes Inspection). Only one team is entitled to personal glory and glowing pride in the end, when they are named the winner of Deck Wars.


9 thoughts on “Deck Wars premieres on HGTV July 7”

  1. ? I have a older stlye back porch I was wondering if I can pull out the middle and put in a hot tub in the verrada part will it ruin the the porch or will it make it not safe.

  2. Hey what do you guys do with your decks after you built? if you guys don’t do anything with them then the show is a waste of money

  3. Why not build two decks in the backyards of two identical houses with the same backyard size. Then you will not be wasting wood. The owners might even pitch in and pay for half. The idea of wasting all that wood only to tear down the decks after the competition is so stupid!!

  4. I have a old deck. Upper level. We do not know what the hell to do with it. Want to make it bigger but don’t know how. We don’t see any upper level deck being done on the show and would love you to come and help us out!!

  5. We haven’t been able to see the results from deck wars with Brian ,My husband said brian must have lost and got banished to the island.

  6. What a waste! Is this what we have come to, really??? For entertainment? I am disgusted

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