Fans won’t accept end of Endgame

From Alex Strachan of Postmedia News:

  • Fans determined to save Endgame
    It’s an old story: A TV show begins, stalls in the ratings, is cancelled and the fans try to save it. A TV rule of thumb is that the most unusual, ambitious and uncompromising dramatic series often attract the most ardent followers, even if the very same series is lost on a more mainstream audience. Read more.



2 thoughts on “Fans won’t accept end of Endgame”

  1. I signed the “Save Endgame” petition even though I know it’s pretty much hopeless but I can’t help but keep my fingers crossed for a miracle!

  2. I know it’s probably too late to save it, but it would be nice if the CBC were in a “hey, let’s pick up another good show” mood and snagged this to pair w/Murdoch Mysteries. Endgame was a show that, for me, started slow but grew on me week-by-week until by the end it was a “must see TV” level show.

    So, I’m sorry it’s gone and wish the talented cast and crew luck.

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