Teletoon renews three series, adds four more

From a media release:


  • TELETOON brings four new original series to the table and announces the renewal of three others

TELETOON Canada inc. today announced its lineup of new and returning Canadian original series recently green-lit or currently in production. The announcement was made at the Banff World Media Festival where TELETOON is a Gold Partner, sponsoring the Kids & Animation program.

Highlights of TELETOON’s new lineup of Canadian original productions are as follows:

New Series:


9 Story Entertainment • 13 x 22 minutes

Scheduled for Fall 2012 on TELETOON at Night

Teenager Petey Falcone’s father, Jimmy Falcone, was once the head of a large crime syndicate. But when Jimmy refused to whack his good ol’ Uncle Cheech, the Falcones were forced into witness protection in Canada. Petey, who was finally starting to figure out life in New York, now lives as Petey “McDougal” in Regina, Saskatchewan. In their new life, the Falcones must come to terms with the fact that they are no longer respected neighbourhood big-shots – they’re just regular schmucks. Fugget About It is an animated comedy aimed at teens and young adults that was originally developed for the TELETOON At Night Pilot Project in 2007.



Just For Laughs Gags • 6 x 22 minutes

Scheduled for Winter 2013 on TELETOON

From the creators and producers of the smash TV hit, Just for Laughs Gags, comes Just Kidding Kids, an all new spinoff with an age-old difference. Just Kidding Kids puts kids in the driver’s seat and lets them loose to concoct preposterous pranks on unsuspecting adults. The kids work together to ensure that one victim after another falls for the ploy. The audience is in on the scheme and won’t be able to resist roaring with laughter as unwary victims take the fall and their candid reactions are all caught on camera. Just Kidding Kids is sure to be a favourite for the whole family.



marblemedia • 26 x 22 minutes

Scheduled for Fall 2011 on TÉLÉTOON (French)

Splatalot is a hilarious family-friendly medieval-themed physical game show featuring a larger-than-life extreme obstacle course with more splats and spills than ever imaginable. Each episode features a different group of 12 thrill-seeking teen contestants, dubbed Attackers, competing in three hilarious rounds: Cross the Moat, Escape the Stockade and Capture the Crown. The Defenders of Splatalot, an international squad of nine costumed gladiators, do their best to protect the castle from the Attackers – leaving only one to be crowned King or Queen of Splatalot.



Breakthrough Entertainment • 26 x 22 minutes

Scheduled for Fall 2012 on TELETOON

Meet Wally and Gus. Best friends and NOSA-trained monkeynauts on an odyssey through outer space. Blasted into strange new worlds on a unique and specially equipped rocket, these two simians experiment with new technologies and discover alien species never seen before. Despite Dr. Chimpsky’s instructions for space travel, neither the optimistic Wally nor the brainy Gus has a clue as to how to pilot their ship, but somehow they have the right stuff to complete their mission. New life forms, techno-gadgets and collisions with space pirates all add up to a zany, fun-filled series for kids 6-11. It’s close encounters of a primate kind.


Renewed Series:


CRASH CANYON (Eight additional episodes ordered)

Breakthrough Films & Television • 8 x 22 minutes

Scheduled for Fall 2012 on TELETOON at Night

When the Wendell family leaves for a vacation in their camper trailer, only one thing can happen: disaster. Motoring between tourist attractions, scenic vistas and the occasional point of interest, the trip turns to catastrophe when the family vehicle goes off a cliff. As the Wendells stumble out, they realize that not only are they alive, but also that they are not alone as the same fate has befallen several others before them, forming a community known only as Crash Canyon. This comedy series is produced by Breakthrough’s Ira Levy, Peter Williamson and executive producer Joan Lambur with Joel Cohen (Co-Executive Producer, The Simpsons). These eight additional episodes bring the total to 26 for the Crash Canyon series on TELETOON. Crash Canyon premieres on TELETOON in fall 2011 as part of the adult-oriented “TELETOON at Night” programming block.



Nelvana • 13 x 22 minutes

Scheduled for Fall 2012 on TELETOON

Lee Ping is about to start grade 10 – the best year of his life – when he is blamed for pulling off an epic, mind-blowing practical joke and sentenced to spend the rest of the school year in detention. It’s goodbye freedom, goodbye girls and hello worst year of his life. Detentionaire follows Lee in his attempts to uncover the mystery behind the practical joke and clear his name. Detentionaire is created by Daniel Bryan Franklin and Charles Johnston and produced by Tracey Dodokin. The addition of these 13 episodes brings the total to 26 for the Detentionaire series aimed at kids 8-12, with the first 13-episode instalment premiering in fall 2011 on TELETOON.

MUDPIT (13 additional episodes ordered)

Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc. • 13 x 22 minutes

Scheduled for Fall 2012 on TELETOON

This animated and live-action comedy series tells the story of four teens who form a virtual rock band in hopes of becoming real rock stars. Using a new high-tech videogame called Muzika, ubergamer Reese and power drummer Geneva create avatars to rock the online world for a chance to win a recording contract and world tour. This kid-friendly series stars Jesse Rath, Carleigh Beverly, Vas Saranga and Daniel Magder. These 13 additional episodes bring the total to 26 for the Mudpit series on TELETOON. Mudpit premieres on TELETOON in winter 2012.