Rookie Blue, Combat Hospital make good summer fare

From Bill Harris of QMI Agency:

  • ‘Rookie’, ‘Combat’ fill summer void
    Three parts characters, two parts romance, one part action and a pinch of frivolity. If only it were that easy. The truth is, there never has been a reliable recipe for good summer fare on TV. Whatever the reason for the steamy season, some shows taste right, while others just don’t. Combat Hospital and Rookie Blue fall on the savoury side of that summer-fare plate. Read more.



2 thoughts on “Rookie Blue, Combat Hospital make good summer fare”

  1. Looks like Shaw is at it again with the scheduling oddities. It appears that, at least with the season premiere of each show that Mystery TV is airing the episodes at 10:00am the same day.

    I’m rather surprised with this. Given the simulcast deal they have with ABC here in the US, I wouldn’t have thought they’d pull a sneak airing 12 hours earlier.

  2. Funny, looks like they’re sticking everything on Mystery first. My guess is that’s its only Canadian content.

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