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From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • On ‘Combat Hospital,’ war is heck but it’s not controversial
    t’s a safe bet that life and work in a military hospital in Kandahar make for a gruelling experience. Combat Hospital (Global, ABC, 10 p.m.) is about that life and line of work, but watching it is very far from gruelling. The drama, which starts Tuesday and is the latest of those Canadians co-production dramas to air simultaneously on a U.S. network, is actually quite pleasant viewing. That’s because it is merely competent and adheres to a firm template for TV drama. Read more.

From Amber Dowling of TV Guide Canada:

  • Welcome to Kandahar
    Nestled behind an industrial area on the edge of Etobicoke, Ont. is one of the most memorable sets to ever grace the Canadian entertainment industry — an indoor and outdoor re-imagining of the Kandahar Airfield Base and Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit in 2006 Afghanistan. To viewers, that space is also known as Combat Hospital. Read more.

By Alex Strachan of Postmedia News:

  • Combat Hospital
    Based on tonight’s initial evidence, Combat Hospital, the new, Canadian-made fictional drama about the men and women who serve at the only military hospital equipped for advanced surgery in southern Afghanistan, is a game and dogged effort. The cast ensemble is believable and compelling by turns, and the stories are more urgent and rooted in the here and now than those in the typical prime-time medical drama. Read more.


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  1. This was the worst program I’ve ever seen. I was so excited when it was being advertised, because in a nurse who has served overseas in a combat hospital. First, you don’t intubate with cuff inflated. Second, the new docs coming in would have replaced someone- at least in my branch of service old staff doesn’t leave until the new staff is there to replace them so for at least a few days when you arrive there are numerous staff members. Third, in our clinic when they brought a combatant in- there was military police with them. And speaking of bringing someone in…the stretcher from the NATO gurney is lifted to litter stands there are few stretchers in the ER and most in the TMC (troop medical clinic- sick call). The tape is about the only thing the was accurate and that I recognized. Oh- also men and females are not allowed to be in a room alone together in a muslim country- at least in accordance with US regs/customs and courtesies. And lastly, medics are not allowed to wear scrubs out of the clinic- reason being- take out the medics who’s going to help the wounded?

    1. before you guys bitch and moan about the program you might want to insert your hand into your ass and pull your head back out and take a deep breath of fresh air.

      they are actors not soldiers, or professional medical practitioners. I noticed some glaring inaccuracies as well, only because I’m an active soldier. To sit here and trash the show based on that is extremely ignorant. They have a lot of respect for boots they are trying to fill and I’ll bet they are putting in their best effort. they haven’t done basic training or been in combat situations, you can’t expect them to convey it exactly as we’ve experienced it. and look at their target audience. its for lazy-couch-mongering-armchair-generals such as ourselves to ingest over the coarse of the summer so take it for what its worth.

      the important part is that its getting out some semblance of what actually took place under the gruelling circumstances of Afghanistan and war.

      not to mention its on a Canadian budget, its pretty fucking stellar for not being a hollywood project. and not to mention its a great spotlight on Canadians since this is also airing on CBS (or ABC..) in the states.

      its TV drama, take it for what it is. they have enormous boots to fill and they are doing a great job so far.

      1. and since we are on the subject. NATO expanded into Kandahar in very late ’05 early ’06. that’s why its all plywood. after ’06 they started replacing people, up to that point they were bringing more people on (its called expansion). at least know what your talking about before you open your mouth!


  3. Loved Terry Chen
    he stole the show for me
    female lead not strong – more cute and pretty
    no oomph to her at all
    bland show
    too many inaccuracies

  4. I am alright with minor imperfections in a show but combat hospital was so bad. I am an American soldier and have served overseas so i am speaking from experience. The whole American Army part of the show has so many flaws it would take me a while to list them all. For example, the patches are wrong, the helmets and vests are wrong, how they wear the gear is wrong, etc. Also, the canadian army part was off too. I have interacted with many Canadian Soldiers while i was in afghanistan and i do not remember even one soldier having a sidearm, and even if they did they would not be using the 5 dollar walmart holsters they had on. Also, the chicks uniform was wrong, her ranks were wrong for example. This show is full of imperfections and hope as this show gets more popular they can find the funding to fix it all. All in all the show is descent but all the military inaccuracies made me like it less.

  5. I agree with the reviews that say give it a chance. I found that I wanted to see more after it ended, so that’s a good sign. As far as ditching the med techs, I hope that doesn’t happen – Larry Alexander is hot.

  6. It’s no M*A*S*H or China Beach, but I thought it was decent enough to keep watching for now.

    Cast-wise, I think everyone does a good job, though for me the standout is Elias Koteas as the Colonel.

    As for the inaccuracies…it’s a drama, not a documentary. Some are the result of artistic license, some just because they don’t know any better. But it’s the drama that’s important.

  7. OK, I’ve now watched three episodes. Sorry..but very boring and bland. The doctors seem to talk and move in slo-mo when in emergency mode. Not sure I could sit thorugh anymore, but like the medical shows. Kudos to the way they portray military.

  8. Not very well researched by the writers. I have no problem with the props being not so realistic, actually they did a pretty good job replicating the hospital. But these are current events and people know fiction from truth. For example, to shoot a pistol at a spider would be classed as a neglegent discharge of a firearm. Even a general was charged with an ND, and here we are expected to believe Military Police would cover up what would be a high profile ND?

    What about the episode with the CT scan not working? So an iterpretor who couldn’t clear a paper jam from a printer fixes it? We are expected to believe that? Wow! there were some pretty dedicated people in uniform working on that stuff. At least write in that the interpretor was an ex electrical engineer to add an an ounce of credibility.

    Com’ on start researching the stories and ask people who were there how situations actually fleshed out. The reality is entertaining too.

  9. Minor inaccuracies don’t bother me overmuch. There’s a show Rizzoli & Isles down here in the US on the cable network TNT that’s supposed to be set in Boston. I’ve spent most of my life in the Greater Boston area, and nothing about the show says “Boston” to me. Moreover, their shots of Boston PD HQ don’t even look remotely like the real thing. I just shrug, and don’t worry about it.

    As for Vans (the interpreter) fixing the scanner…I think the point is that Vans is a prodigy of sorts. There are any number of examples in the real world of people without training in a given field being able to out do even professionals.

  10. Who the heck is that frumpy looking character in the UPS outfit supposed to represent? Is he a kellogs employee, a courier? A contracter? Please don’t tell me he’s a tech type. Everybody always ask who is that? Obviously he is a composite character filling a literary niche. But still what exactly is he supposed to represent? I don’t think it was necessary to put him in if he never really existed.

  11. We watched for the first time last night, 7/26/11. We hated it and think its wrong how they depict the military overseas and how things work!
    My husband is in the Army, and I have a whole lot of other family members throughout that are in the military. I really think this show is bad! It depicts that war is easy! Fun! Nothing like it is at all!
    You don’t have people running around at a bbq in there bikini tops, swim trunks, pools filled with water and floating ducks.
    I believe this gives and sends the wrong message to future military people and military spouses!
    If you are going to make a show base on combat and the hospitals, make it like the real thing! This show will put a lot of doubt in the minds of young people that war is fun. Filled with parties! The spouses, they are going to think there spouses and loved ones are off having fun! Not a worry in the world! When in fact being in the Middle East is very dangerous!
    I really hope this show changes, or does not make it.

  12. I really think you’re taking this show way too seriously. My family loves it and we have our own military connections. I know that it is not all fun and games over there, but there is a need to release pent up emotion. It’s ridiculous to suggest that everyone doesn’t socialize and have a bit of fun from time to time. They’re human beings that experience the worst that human kind has to offer. They need to escape once in awhile and I support them when they do. This does not mean that it has to be immoral, but frankly, I didn’t see anything immoral being done (except for the womanizing doctor who sleeps with a married woman). The show is similar to MASH but a touch more realistic. These Kellys give it a BIG thumbs up ;)

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