TV, eh? podcast episode 49 – “Larping It All Up”

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FanboyAnthony goes it alone again this week, with an interview with Michael McNamara of Fanboy Confessional, a series coming up from Space. He also has some exciting news about Space and a roundup of Canadian television news. If Diane were titling this podcast she’d have called it Anthony’s Nerdfest.

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6 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 49 – “Larping It All Up””

  1. Hi,

    My “artist” name is Pomme and I am the administrator of the Japanese fashion community of the Province of Quebec. In this picture you can see from left to right, Akane, Kiara and myself. I assume that the episode is about Larping, Dongeon & Dragons and such activities. This picture represent three Japanese Animation attendees and we are dressed in Lolita Fashion which has NOTHING to do with Larping. I would really be interested to know where you found this picture and if you have the rights to use it.

    Thank you,


  2. The podcast episode is an interview with the creator of a series called Fanboy Confessional, and the first episode of that series is about Cosplay. The picture is copyright Bell Media (owners of Space channel) and is on their media site to be used for publicity for the show. If you have issues with your use in this picture you should contact them.

    1. Hi Diane,

      Thank you for the information! I was simply curious of how come my face got there. Although, Lolita is not Cosplay at all, it makes more sense to me.

      Thank you for your quick response.


    1. oh really? It’s not just for publicity? Well thank you for telling me :) this will be my second time on TV then hahha.

      Thank you!

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