New tonight: So You Think You Can Dance Canada live results

In tonight’s results episode, host Leah Miller reveals which dancers are leaving the competition and Slumdog Millionaire choreographer Longinus Fernandes choreographs the Top 20 group number assisted by Season 2 winner Tara-Jean Popowich.


One thought on “New tonight: So You Think You Can Dance Canada live results”

  1. Having Rodrigue leave the show last night was absolutely highway robbery for that poor young man. And between the lines, Rex Harrison as much as said so.

    That young “cute” french boy is an abominable excuse for a dancer and I have no doubt he has been left on due to that awful man who makes me mute my TV whenever he speaks, Jean Mark whoever from Quebec.

    And that’s the only reason the young french “cute” is left on the show…he’s from Quebec and Jean was obviously able to talk Tre into voting for him. Tre, I will never give any credence to what you have to say about a dancer again. You sold out sister and if you are not, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    This show would be really great if they only got rid of Jean Mark and the oh-just-too-coy and difficult to watch “host” and has-been who never was, Leah whoever.

    Rodrique, I’m probably not spelling your name right but I am so sorry that you got caught up in this dirty, dishonest, fraudlent deal. You dance head and shoulders over the Quebec “cute.”


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