The Yard recaps

From Toronto Life:

  • The Yard recap, episode 5: Worst. Episode. Ever.
    This week’s episode of The Yard is all about the peanut butter racket and the inexhaustible supply and demand surrounding the salty-sweet contraband. Wait—what’s that you say? We must be talking about last week’s episode? No, sirs (and ma’ams), you heard us correctly. This week’s episode is about the exact same thing that last week’s episode was about. Read more.
  • The Yard recap, episode 4: the peanut butter racket and the ol’ poop switcheroo
    Pretty much anything can be smuggled into the yard—Super Soakers, N-rated video games, dogs—but it’ll cost you, as we learn this week. The hottest contraband? Peanut butter, which to a 10-year-old kid has the same narcotic effect as a crack pipe. “Have you ever held a girl’s hand while eating a PB&J?” asks the ever-creepy Johnny. “It’s the best.” Honestly, no kid on TV has made our skin crawl this much since Glen on Mad Men. Read more.
  • The Yard recap, episode 3: wherein a kid eats asparagus for four days in an effort to pee on school chums
    This episode of The Yard is all about turf (such as it is on a dinky playground), as Frankie and his henchmen go to epic lengths to cling to their only piece of territory: the soccer pitch. Really? When you could be fighting over the monkey bars or the swings or the Jujimon tables? That’s pathetic. But just like in all classic gang stories—okay, the only one we’re really familiar with is West Side Story—the turf itself is much less important than the power it represents. Read more.
  • The Yard recap, episode 2: from shart to finish
    Anyone who’s ever met a tweenage girl has seen the true face of evil, and this week on The Yard, Nick and his gang get a sense of how powerful the schoolyard girls really are. Any threat from Frankie’s crew is nothing compared to the subtle jabs of these ponytail-flipping femme fatales, led by Frankie’s pigtailed, brace-face sister Mary, her flirty sidekick Patti and hangers-on Piya and Sadie. Read more.
  • The Yard recap, episode 1: bedwetter blackmail, a trading-card economy and a skid named Porkchop
    With gritty cinematography, foul language and turf warfare, you’d be forgiven for thinking that HBO Canada’s new series takes place in a maximum-security institution. But instead of weights and orange jumpsuits, this yard is marked by swing sets and juice boxes. Most importantly, Nick, the gang leader, is 12, and his voice sounds more like Miley Cyrus than Bruce Willis. Read more.