Natural Born Dealers premieres September 12 on Discovery

From a media release:

Let’s Make a Deal. NATURAL BORN DEALERS Premieres Monday, September 12 on Discovery Channel

  • Original Canadian series follows the thrill of the chase for father-son treasure hunters

Buy low, sell high. Forget the Stock Exchange – check out dusty antique stores, old storage barns and curiosity shops to see real commodity exchange in action! Produced by Proper Television, the hit-making team behind CANADA’S WORST DRIVER, all-new series NATURAL BORN DEALERS follows Jerry and Jeremiah Pasternak – a real life Sanford and Son – a loving, bickering, father-and-son team bonded by one great passion: finding cool old stuff that they can sell for a profit. Premiering Monday, September 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel, the six-part original Canadian series follows the Pasternaks’ pursuit of cool kitsch – from a 1950s jukebox and civil war cannons to Depression-era gas station signs. Far from dainty and delicate, these men specialize in tracking down unique, rugged and rustic pieces… perfect for any “man cave.”

Jerry and Jeremiah agree on one thing: there’s nothing more thrilling than discovering great pieces, getting them for a good deal, then flipping them for profit at their warehouse store, Antique and Unique, in Rockport, Maine. But that’s where their similarities end. Jerry is “old school” – no cell phone and Internet-adverse. His son Jeremiah is tech savvy and impatient…and his ideas to expand the family business aren’t always welcomed by his dad. Part of Jeremiah’s plan for growth is bringing on a new assistant, Nadeen Lightbody. She may be green, but she’s no stranger to the art of the deal. For years she’s been a scrapper, pulling parts out of junked cars and selling them for a profit. Now she wants to expand her horizons and learn the antique business – and it’s up to old school Jerry and new school Jeremiah to teach her the trade.

Together this unlikely trio scours curiosity shops, storage barns and antique fairs looking for vintage gems and unique items to refurbish and resell – and each piece has a story to tell. But always – whether their working with sellers looking for quick cash or buyers in search of a must-have coveted item – the art of negotiation is at the heart of the deal. Jerry’s perfected his approach through three decades of experience; growing up in the business, Jeremiah brings an MA in art history from St. Andrew’s College (graduating in the same Class of 2005 as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge…) and Internet marketing skills – accounting for 75% of the company’s sale – to the mix; and Nadeen’s drive to keep up with the Pasternaks gets her into – and out of – trouble along the way.

In the premiere episode, “Big Changes in Store,” Jeremiah’s plans to grow Antique and Unique’s business are tested when he opens a temporary Florida store against his father Jerry’s advice. Can new assistant Nadeen prove herself by helping him exceed his $5,000 target? In the second episode, (airing Sept. 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT), “On the Road Again,” Jerry’s patience is tested when Jeremiah insists on chasing down the history of a car that may-or-may-not be the vehicle that inspired the 1964 Bat Mobile. After solving the mystery they head north to Maine, scoring some incredible deals on the way.

Discover more about these modern-day treasure hunters online at Find full episodes (one week after broadcast), exclusive web featurettes and behind-the-scenes extras with Nadeen, episode recaps, photo galleries, and an online community for viewers to share their own stories, and more. Also, Jeremiah will be tweeting throughout the series – you can follow him


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  1. I just watched this show and I have to say whomever is doing the CAPTAIN OBVIOUS voiceovers is the most annoying person I have ever listened to.

    Show might have been worth following if not for her.It SUCKED

  2. I appreciate the comraderie of the Pasternaks with the other dealers and there knowledge of wholesale and retail items. I hope to see more shows in the future. I have a Season Pass on my TiVo for it.

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