Prank Science premieres September 19 on Discovery Channel

From a media release:

Messing With People in the Name of Science. PRANK SCIENCE Premieres Monday, September 19 on Discovery Channel

ps- hosts morgan waters (l) brendan callaghan (r) - breakaway glass experiment for cts

Can a test subject be convinced he has the power to melt solid objects… using only the power of his mind? If he’s just crossed paths with the PRANK SCIENCE team, anything is possible! Premiering Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT on Discovery Channel, this highly-entertaining street-level gag show lures unsuspecting people into hilarious, never-before-seen pranks – all in the name of science. Each half-hour episode of this 13-part original Canadian series by Proper Television (CANADA’S WORST DRIVER), takes to the streets to pull off several new prank experiments. But unlike other gag shows, every PRANK SCIENCE trick reveals unexpected and water-cooler-worthy scientific facts and theories. It’s an addictive one-two punch of strange science and riveting practical jokes!

But the goal of PRANK SCIENCE is not just to dupe and ridicule people for the viewers’ amusement, although that’s an added benefit, of course. Each segment ofPRANK SCIENCE is built around a remarkable piece of science; then the team invites unsuspecting members of the public (or “test subjects”) to be a part of it. Whether it’s exploring the world’s strongest superglue or testing human psychology by seeing exactly how much abuse people will put up with at the hands of an authority figure…PRANK SCIENCE takes practical jokes to a new extreme!

PRANK SCIENCE is helmed by special effects wizard Brendan Callaghan and comedy actor Morgan Waters. A master of SFX for hidden camera pranks, Callaghan’s expertise ranges from creating life-like monsters to massive air cannon pyrotechnics. His partner-in-prank, Waters, is a three-time Gemini Award-winning comedian, actor and writer who loves nothing more than watching ridiculous situations collide with real-life reactions. Together – and joined by a cadre of PRANK conspirators – these prank masters don disguises, create false realities and benignly misrepresent themselves to baffled members of the public…for the sake of science.

In the September 19 premiere episode, one test subject’s career as an infomercial host takes a turn for the worse. On his very first day on the job, he discovers that the miracle health shake he’s endorsing causes a dangerous parasite to grow inside anyone who drinks it… after consuming it himself. Also, the team uses waterproof sand to cheat their way into – and win – a sandcastle-building competition; and a maintenance worker’s day goes horribly wrong when she accidentally sets her boss on fire (don’t panic…it’s actually a stuntman covered in a special fire-retardant gel – but definitely not a prank to try at home!).

Other PRANK highlights this season:

  • Using a few LED lights and what’s called an infinity mirror, the team convinces a terrified subject that aliens have landed on Earth.
  • The team hijacks and remotely controls a golf cart using only a smart phone, creating havoc on the course.
  • An aspiring actor eats poppy seed cake on the set of a police training video, which triggers a fail on his drug test….for heroin!

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  1. your review makes this show sound pretty good. in fact it is almost unwatchable. another Discovery piece of crap.

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