New tonight: Risky Business on Slice – “Mik & James”

These two best buddies have travelled the world but with marriages, mortgages, babies and the responsibilities of grown up life quickly hemming them in, they want one more guy’s trip together – this time to Antarctica. They need big money to be able to pull off this caper. Mik is investing $10,000 saved to pay for the expenses of his first-born baby due this month, and James is using $10,000 that is earmarked for an anniversary trip to France with his wife. They could play it safe and leave their hard earned savings in the bank, or they could roll the dice and hand it over to one of two, unique deal makers who will have just 30 days to make it grow. Will they choose the young, charming horse trainer claiming he can race and sell a standard bred horse in just 30 days? Or will they stake their savings on the rare wine expert and his plans to buys and sell vintage wines in the worldwide market for a profit?

Risky Business 001