InSecurity – less parody, more humanity

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By Diane Wild of TV, eh?

Even if you weren’t a fan of InSecurity in its first season, the season two premiere tonight is worth another look. The show’s been retooled to be less spy parody, more workplace comedy.

As creator, executive producer and showrunner Kevin White said in a recent interview, the madcap plots were the focus last year, but this year the “more human” stories arise from character.

“We wanted to start with what would unhinge Alex or Claude,” he explained, “and after that write a spy story that would complement that or act as a counterpoint or support the emotional story between our characters. So the missions and the spywork act more as a backdrop.”

Some of the upcoming stories, for example, centre on the private life of secret agent Alex (Natalie Lisinska) who is “young and bright and in charge, so what are the qualities that got her there, and on the other hand what are the aspects of her life that could undo her a little bit.”

Her mother will make an appearance in one episode, and her work and home lives tangle when N’udu (Richard Yearwood) starts dating her best friend from university, and when one of her ex-boyfriends becomes a person of interest for the fictional National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA).

We’ll see the home life of Claude (Rémy Girard), including how he copes – or doesn’t – when he discovers N’udu’s apartment is much nicer than his own.

“We’re trying to play on everyday jealousies and problems and put them into the context of this strange job,” said White.

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