New tonight: In Real Life season premiere on YTV


The popular series In Real Life returns for a third season with even bigger thrills! Host Sabrina Jalees returns to guide 18 new kids, aged 12 to 14, as they race across North America to compete in heart-pounding, real world challenges for a chance to win college tuition and an all expense paid family vacation. This year, the competition is fiercer than ever and fans can get closer to the action with the online companion game, Race to the Finish, which goes mobile October 3.

The premiere episode (Army Recruits) finds the challengers put through their paces in their very first experience as army recruits. They navigate a tough obstacle course, test their resourcefulness by setting up camp in the field and ride Jeeps in hostile territory as part of a patrol. With drill instructors pushing them to their limits, challengers battle their way towards victory in the first twist of the season, this year challengers get to choose their own teammates.