New tonight: Rick Mercer Report, 22 Minutes, Michael Tuesdays & Thursdays, The Debaters on CBC

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Rick Mercer Report

Rick is at the Windsor International Air Show where his activities include flying a vintage World War II Harvard plane, parachuting with the Skyhawks, the Canadian Forces’ elite team, and flying in a vintage aerobatic bi-plane.

22 Minutes

This week on 22 Minutes, as the Newfoundland & Labrador provincial election approaches, Jerry Boyle (Greg Thomey) makes a special guest appearance as a candidate for Premier (view clip). Also this week Don Cherry (Mark Critch) gives a preview of CBC’s Hockey Night Election coverage, and we find out what bankers and stock traders think of protests against Wall Street.

Michael Tuesdays & Thursdays

“Sleeping With People” – David helps Michael prepare for a night with Claire. Has the good doctor become too invested in his patient? Ed Asner joins stars Bob Martin (Dr. David Storper) and Matt Watts (Michael Dyer) on MICHAEL: TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS in the recurring role of the shrink’s somewhat outrageous shrink, Dr. Wassermann.

The Debaters

You know the saying: behind every great man there’s a great woman. Well The Debaters turns that old adage on its head and asserts: behind every great woman is an even greater man. Also is fast food evil food?