New tonight: Michael Tuesdays & Thursdays, The Debaters

Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays (9 p.m./9:30 NT check local listings): Who can Michael trust? His therapist has betrayed him and his girlfriend has known all along. Michael (Matt Watts) can’t face Claire (Tommie-Amber Pirie) who has transcribed every word of David’s book. Because David (Bob Martin) lied to him by withholding the truth, trust issues arise, which David attributes to Michael’s deeply rooted father issues. As an exercise, Michael writes a letter to his father who abandoned the family.

The Debaters (9:30 p.m./10 NT check local listings): Revenge is sweet, but not as sweet as beating your opponent on the Debaters. Has the time come for some of our senior rock musicians to hang up their Fenders?