New tonight: Living in Your Car – season 2 premiere

Living in Your Car continues to tell the darkly humourous riches to rags story of Steve Unger (John Ralston), a corrupt business mogul who was once viewed as the embodiment of success, but is now widely looked upon with contempt and pity. After alienating anyone and everyone, including his own family, with his hijinks in Season 1, Season 2 picks up with Steve under house arrest in his parents’ home, falsely accused of hiding money from his former company, and hatching a plan to get out of trouble. Steve soon learns that his lawyer and best friend Neil Stiles (Colin Cunningham) has sold his luxury sedan and replaced it with an RV, complete with kitchen and shower, pronouncing it to be Steve’s new home. Once Steve frees himself from his legal problems, he moves into his new mobile home and looks to start again.