2 thoughts on “Video: Rick Mercer’s rant on bullying and teen suicide”

  1. Rick — I hear ya! it’s heartbreaking that society can be so cruel and unfeeling towards hurting another human being. Especially a ‘kid’. I just don’t understand how ‘bullies’ learned this behaviour…don’t get me going on this… And the very sad effect it has on the family/friends behind.
    It last a life time. I hope justice is served to any predator who extorts, bullies or harms another person in a needlessly cruel way. It just is no longer acceptable.

  2. Where do bullies come from? Kids who bully are bullied at home in some form. And they are often the products of people who have little tolerance or respect for anything different from themselves. Bullying isn’t just physical or verbal – there are all kinds of bullies! Shaming, guilt trips, silent treatment, temper tantrums, score-keeping, with-holding approval, love, and money, passive-agressiveness – it’s all a form of bullying! Bullies try to control the behaviour of others thru manipulation and subterfuge for some weird personal gain. Lots of parents don’t want their kids to think differently than they do, so they try to control what’s going on in their heads. In this day and age it’s ridiculous that a gay person should cause so much discomfort that people are willing to not just attack, but be so relentless about it. Don’t these kids have hobbies or other interests?? I agree with Rick, the kids who did this need to be outed so that at the very least they socially get some payback for their nastiness and intolerance. And, it would be a plus if more prominent and recognizable gay people would step up to the plate and not hide. They would be doing everyone a favour by publically being who they are.

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