TV, eh? podcast episode 68 – “Oh The Webs We Weave”

Anthony flies solo as host to talk the TV news of the week and chat with special guests Candice LePage and Nick Montgomery of Limited Release about web series. Diane contributes an interview with Ed Witzke of What’s Up Warthogs about the show and his participation in Bullying Awareness Week.

Web Series

  • Mind’s Eye –
  • Out with Dad –
  • Microwave Porn –
  • Standard Action –
  • Ruby Skye P.I. –
  • Tights and Fights –
  • Sexy Nerd Girl –
  • Naomi: The Show –
  • Clutch –
  • Heroes of the North –
  • Cell –
  • Night of the Zombie King –

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Your host
Anthony Marco