46 thoughts on “Citytv will air Murdoch Mysteries season 5”

  1. This is the BEST TV series to come along in a long, long time. Much better than anything on US TV. Why would anyone considering canceling such a fantastic show?

  2. my family and i love this show PLEASE dont take it off untill season 10,I’m 83 and its the only thrill i get!!

  3. I think that this is one of the best TV series on the air and I just love watching it. The plots, the references to inventions, an insight into history and the characters – so refreshing and unique when the majority of programs out there are sitcoms and endless reality shows. Promote the show! It’s fantastic!

  4. I really enjoy the Murdoch Mysteries. It is entertaining and I always learn something with each episode I watch. The cast of characters really mesh well with one another. I hope it has the opportunity to continue providing its viewers with quality tv.

  5. I really enjoyed Murdoch mysteries one of the best canadiam shows ever made, very sad to see it cancelled, maybe some one will change their minds and keep it going to cast and crew job well done

  6. I have been looking at reruns for a while now and never get tired of them. Please don’t take away one of the best Canadian shows on tv. Murdoc Mysteries is better than all those ridiculous comedy and reality shows – enough is enough. Put back good programming like Murdoc Mysteries.

  7. The best show ever absolutly brilliant !!!!!!!!!
    When is series 5 being aired cant wait for it.

  8. Ive been waiting and searching for the new season…when will it begin? Please please please don’t cancel this show. It’s fantastic…one of the best shows out there.

  9. When will season 5 of Murdoch Mysteries air? I have enjoyed all of the last 4 seasons and I watch reruns quite often. So please let me know? I hope to also see a season 6.

  10. When is season 5 of the show going to air – I really miss watching my Murdoch Mysteries. It is one of the best shows I ever have watched. Please keep this Canadain Show going

  11. It is a tremendous relief to read that CBC has picked up where Citytv dropped the ball, cancelling highly rated Murdoch Mysteries, one of the best tv shows available today. And Sun Media never has anything good to say about the CBC. Makes you wonder. Thank you CBC!! Please keep Murdoch alive. It is so much better than most shows available from the US. Kudos also to Combat Hospital, produced by the same folks who brought us Murdoch. Well done!

    1. Combat Hospital was made by Shaw, Lookout Point, Artists Studio, and Sienna Films. Murdoch Mysteries is made by Shaftesbury, Rogers, and UKTV. Even with Murdoch Mysteries moving to CBC and Rogers ceasing to be involved that still doesn’t have any of the same companies producing the two shows.

      Season 5 @ Citytv starting 6 June 2012 and going to the end of August. Season 6 @ CBC likely in September 2012.

  12. Thrilled to hear this fantastic canadian show has been picked up by another channel.My family and I in aussie watch it on cable TV and we love it.Fantastic TV viewing of a quality we dont often see anymore.

  13. My husband and I absolutely love Murdoch Mysteries and hang out for the next season. When will it air in Australia? Please make it soon, or make it available for sale.

  14. Love, love, love this show. Desperately waiting for season 5 and many more to come So nice to have a show this isn’t R rated and so proud it is made in Canada.

  15. Please dont cancel this. It is so nice to have a show we can watch with the family, not filled with swearing, and NOT american, home grown. We need this. I would rather watch re-runs of this then american crap!! please save it..GO CANADA!!!!

  16. Congratulations on Murdoch Mysteries – it is an enjoyable quality programme with interesting characters and story lines. In the UK we are swamped with American programmes where the conduct demonstrated and the language used are not a good example to anyone of any age plus their unhealthy adoration for guns – well done Canada!

  17. I have only just found out that the company making the series intend to cancel the programme. I am still in shock. This is by a considerable marging the best show on television and simply cannot be allowed to end in this manner. A previous message wants the series to continue to series 10. Personally I want it to go a lot longer than that. Someone somewhere MUST pick it up and continue the show. PLEASE.

  18. I have a very busy life and am not someone who slavishly watches anything on tv. BUT Murdoch Mysteries is one of the tv Programmes I absolutely follow. If I miss the actual day of transmission it is repeated so many times on the satellite channels here in the UK that I soon catch up and even watch them over and over again. Whilst I appreciate that any television company has to look for new ideas it seems rather stupid to throw away a series that is successful. But in this day and age the”suits”often cannot see beyond their agenda. I hope that It does continue but ………

  19. My family and friends love this show as much as I do. I hope in your great wisdom you will continue with many more seasons of Murdoch Mysteries.

  20. WHEN ALREADY???? This is a great show, and like others, I can’t wait for it to air!!!

  21. This is such a great show! I can’t understand why City TV can’t publish a premiere date. Every year I search online to try to find such info. City TV get your act together.

  22. I, too, love this show! Please, please keep it on the air and show us season 5 please.

  23. Seriously!You are thinking about not airing this show! I am from the USA and are searching desperately to find the episodes. It’s thrilling, entertaining, and medically correct, makes you think! Well there’s the reason, if it’s not pure stupidity, or trash it can’t survive TV. That tells you something about the morals and intelligence of those who make the decisions. Please, for those who are tired of trash and smut, leave it on!!!!!

  24. Please reconsider all the Canadian fans, proud of our Canadian roots!!
    Don’t cancell Murdoch Mysteries!
    If Canadian shows only have a 5 year season, what is the point of even making Canadian content? Let’s all resign ourselves to becoming (bloody ‘ell Murdoch) Americans!

  25. I absolutely love Murdoch Mysteries. Its shown on 13th Street Universal here in Australia and I am hanging out for Series 5 to start. Does anybody out there know when that will happen here in Oz? So happy to read the show has been picked up by a new network. Its a quality program and hopefully with its new home, Murdoch Mysteries’ continuation is assured.

  26. I can’t wait for the next season of Murdoch. My husband & I watch this program even the re-runs. Thanks

  27. From @CBCMurdoch twitter

    Season five of “Murdoch Mysteries” begins fall 2012 on CBC!

  28. Probably the best Canadian series ever made. Don’t even think of cancelling this gem. Bring it on !

  29. please don’t cancel this show. It is so entertaining and such a pleasure to watch. Listen to your audience we know what we’re talking about.

  30. You pray for a good Canadian series. Then one turns up – “Murdoch Mysteries” – then what happens? It gets cancelled. For Heaven’s sake – when you’ve got a good thing going – keep it going!

  31. We are not huge tv watchers, however we are absolutely hooked on Murdoch Mysteries!!! Thank you CBC for airing this series. You won’t be sorry!!!

  32. I enjoy every aspect of Murdoch Mysteries: The script; the
    photography; the authenticity; but in particular – the
    quality of acting. Each character is perfect.
    Just one glaring mistake:Murdoch does not stand when a lady leaves the dinner table or enters the room.Even in the park, he sat while Julie and another woman stood near him. An educated men man of that time would never make this social error.

    Also MUrdoch’s Mountie brother should have been wearing a pill box hat. The Mounties changed to Stetsons
    in 1902.
    But who cares? It’s the best show on TV!

  33. I really love watching Murdoch Mysteries with my Sister at home… I can’t believe Murdoch and Julia are together now! OMG! Cute!

  34. my husband and I look forward to the Murdock mysteries we live in florida so we buy the season when they come out. can not wait for season 6.

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