New tonight: Ron James on CBC

In this week’s episode of THE RON JAMES SHOW, comedian Ron James goes into overdrive, wondering why our high-speed, instant gratification-obsessed world is in such a hurry. For a businessman who’s running late, getting gas becomes an obstacle course of modern day inconveniences; the whole world watches as a man threatens to jump off the ledge of an office building but the folks inside are so excited by the media attention, they forget to help; the entire James clan sets up camp at the beach for a day of good clean fun but the Atlantic undertow has other plans for Lil Ronnie’s swimsuit; and Ron reaches new heights paying tribute to the town of Banff.

THE RON JAMES SHOW airs weekly on Friday nights at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC-TV, culminating in a one-hour special on New Year’s Day.

Special guests: Lauren Ash, Craig Lauzon.