YTV developing teen drama Dark Horse

From a media release:

SEVEN24 Films and marblemedia Co-Developing Teen Drama Dark Horse for YTV

marblemedia and SEVEN24 Films today announced they are co-developing Dark Horse, a multi-platform teen property for YTV, which includes 13 x 60′ live action drama episodes, an online world and mobile interactive elements. Seasoned primetime drama showrunners Shelley Scarrow (Instant Star) and James Hurst (Degrassi: The Next Generation) have joined the project to bring the story to life.

Dark Horse tells the story of Lyla, a rancher’s daughter whose destiny becomes intertwined with Micah, a mysterious outsider who has the unique ability to shape-shift into a wild horse.


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  1. So he can shapeshift into a horse – does he have to go all the way or can he just shift certain parts of his anatomy as required?

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