Pawnathon Canada returning for 2nd season

From a media release:

Suddenly SeeMore….Productions Announces “Pawnathon Canada” Renewed by History Television for Extended Second Season

Suddenly SeeMore… Productions is pleased to announce that History Television has renewed Pawnathon Canada for a second season. History Television has increased the number of episodes of the one-hour series from four to eight for Season two.

Pawnathon Canada is a multi-day event that gives the public an amazing opportunity to showcase their personal histories through everyday objects. The show offers the public the opportunity to get a free session with appraisers who are experts on everything prized and treasured, such as jewelry, antiques and collectibles. The good stuff is sent to the Pawn Masters who are standing by with cash in hand. Extraordinary items, based on history, mystery and value, are offered the chance to be included in a bidding war where the Pawn Masters go head-to-head in a battle to outbid each other. Pawnathon Canada is set to air on History Television in the summer of 2012.

Morgan Elliott, President of Suddenly SeeMore… Productions will once again produce the series in association with History Television. Jonathan Dueck is returning as show-runner. Pre-production begins in November with filming to take place in Toronto in March 2012.


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  1. five pawn masters with no fields related claim to appraise and make fair offers….this show should be called scam masters ….and the producer fired for insulting canadians by providing supposively a forum to fairly sell their items…. the scam masters are arrogant and insulting with their attitudes towards persons and their items … the only good thing about this show is it proves and illustrates the cons associated with legitimate tv program producers … and that the history channel… which is awesome…has no made a massive mistake by insulting tv watchers by allowing such a scam show to be aired along excellent programs !!!! hello history channel time to lose this show….its a great way to insult your audience!

  2. As one of the pawnmasters with over 45 years of buying and loaning on all sorts of items it never ends in amazing me how foolish and ignorant people can be to the value of items that they own. Most feel their belongs are valuable beyond recognition and fail to comprehend that when they sell someone must have room to either get a deal or be able to re-sell and make a profit. We were always fair in our valuations and in many cases offered more than the seller expected.

    1. I understand you and some of the other pawnmasters have shops located in Toronto Ontario – my husband and I are going to Mississauga end of March and my husband has vintages toys that he may be willing to sell if the price is right we were wondering if you are located near Mississauga – we have tried to find information on the internet about the toys but can’t find anything – as far as we can see the company is ToyMaster they are in there original box with original tissue paper one of them is called Friction Car with House Trailer?? any information you may be able to give us would be appreciated

  3. Well I feel that when i went in there the offer Mark gave me was too low. My item was worth 300 and he offered 125.I said i feel that i can get more and he looked at me as if i was crazy. Nonetheless amazing experience and amazing show. I dont agree with pete ^ people agree to sell there items , its not like there are pointing a gun against there head and saying “sell me it”. I agree sometimes a few of them can be a little ignorant but in a sense thats there job.

  4. I’m trying to find out when and where the next Pawnathon will be so I can bring a caligraphy item I would love to have looked at. Any help?? Thank-you in advance for your time.

  5. Gotta love how these complete loser scam artists call themselves pawn masters when they are some of the lowest forms of life on earth. There was one bastard called John Kantymir on the show that really took advantage of a woman that brought in a bunch of likely rare old British coins and two gold sovereign. He tells her that they have $345 worth of gold in them. But doesn’t tell them that they are worth double that as a numismatic coin to collectors. He rips her off big time by offering her only $1000 for it knowing that she knew nothing about the value of her coins.

    1. I watch the show to see how little one can expect to get from so-called investments on this type of venue. I’m never disappointed, unlike most who bring them their treasures, yet I’m often appalled at the ‘consensus’ tactics and outright lying.

      Though I understand the pawn “master” need to turn a profit by offering far less than retail value, I think we have an issue of misrepresentation of industry integrity here. Yes, it’s about pawning, not true appraisal. But the public perception is one of viewing or attending a Canadian version of Antiques Roadshow, and the stars stoke this ‘expert’ evaluation mystique. They are only about bating the poor with a few bucks. Melt value isn’t the same as collectible value, as pointed out above regarding numismatic evaluation. This forum hardly reflects honest evaluation in any respect excepting the pawn industry–notorious for misleading people about the best offer they might get elsewhere.

      Too often on Pawnathon, folks are being offered way below melt value for gold and silver items; aesthetic or design value are completely ignored, as well, for jewelry. They are never told they should try the better melt buyers, at the very least, and these “masters” know that many people are quite desperate to pay the rent.

      Some, if not all, of the stars of this show are in the auction business, big time. If people knew they could get at least 3 X more going that route, they wouldn’t have much of a show, but for those who are desperate to be on TV to advertise their wares, or glean 5 minutes of fame, it’s irresistible.

      Antiques Road Show, though they could sometimes inflate true value of things, possibly in collaboration with insurance industry, would tend to evaluate by recent auction records and expert experience in which these pawn “masters” are mostly lacking. They are an embarrassment to a profession that should be better represented in a nationally broadcast show.

      Did anyone notice who sponsors/funds this fiasco?

  6. i love watching these thieves , they off weight price for gold thats obviously worth thousands more for the jewelery it is made into. go tell the royal family the crown jewels are worth a few hundred k. youd be in the tower.

  7. These scam artists need to be pulled from TV. I love how the scam-masters help each other make people feel that their items are worth less so they can score them cheap.

  8. Ya their scam artists and then some, hey I understand it’s all about making a buck but litteraly stealing the items off those people ain’t right, if they were truly experts than the offers would be alot higher on some of the items I’ve seen but hey than again it’s not like put a gun to the sellers heads!

  9. I recently submitted a few items to two of the hosts of Pawn Masters to determine how upfront they were. The responce I got was incredible, on one item that had been appraised in 1989 for auction at a reserved price of $6,500, they returned with values between $200 and $280 (this was for a circa 1725 Chest )that to them was not an old enough item. They had no idea or they were looking to take advantage of the seller. The other item had been reviewed by Sotheby’s along with another for an auction in NY. The first item was accepted for the auction, but the other one they thought would only get $2,500 and was not a high enough value for the auction .The scammasters replied to me re this item with a value of $100. Stay away from these people with your treasures. Bring back the Antiques Road Show / English Version.

    1. Pawnmasters are scam masters. They pay scrap rate for valuable item claiming that’s all it’s worth. I should be so lucky!

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