Has Canadian TV lost its identity?

From Stephanie Earp of Huffington Post Canada:

  • Canadian TV: Have We Lost Our Identity?
    How Canadian television writers report and where they do it has certainly changed in the past decade, but has Canadian TV itself changed? It feels like it. It feels like we’re more visible to the outside world. Shows like “Trailer Park Boys” and “Being Erica” have an international following, but then again, so did “Kids in the Hall” and “Degrassi.” It feels like we have more successful homegrown series, like “Flashpoint,” “Rookie Blue” and “Combat Hospital” — but go look for them on the primetime schedule outside of summer months. If anything, Canadian shows are less visible on networks (other than the CBC) than they were a decade ago, as Bill Brioux, another print reporter (Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, TV Guide) turned blogger, points out. Read more.
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